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The Rowdies Again.

    Characteristic attempts were made yesterday by the ribald crew of radicals and fanatics, to interrupt the proceedings of the Temperance Convention. The effort to force women as active participants into the Assembly was for the time abandoned;--but it seems to have been thought that WENDELL PHILLIPS would do as well. Being a fluent speaker, of unabashed and unconquerable impudence, and a distinguished performer on the Boston boards of fanatical infidelity, it was supposed that he would be well adapted to the special service required of him on this occasion;--and in their choice of an instrument for disturbing the proceedings of the Convention, the malignant marplots evinced a good deal of sagacity. In their choice of means to procure him admission into the body they desired to disturb, dishonesty was more conspicuous than judgment. Mr. PHILLIPS made his appearance in the morning, presented his credentials, and claimed to be a delegate from the "Nineteenth Ward Neal Dow Temperance Alliance." Not suspecting any trick, the Convention caused his name to be enrolled on the list of delegates. But it was soon after stated by a member that there was no such society in existence; and on inquiry it proved that the whole thing had been trumped up during the morning,--that a sham organization had been concocted, and credentials prepared, for the express purpose of foisting PHILLIPS into the Convention, and thus giving him a chance to enact his rôle in its proceedings. After this discovery, he was promptly hustled out,--though not without prodigious outcry on his part, and a good deal of confusion in the hall.

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