Document 4D: "World's Temperance Convention: Afternoon Session of Secession Delegates," New York Times, May 13, 1853, p. 1.

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World's Temperance Convention


    In consequence of the Temperance Convention, held yesterday morning at Brick Church Chapel, having voted to revoke their admission of female delegates and deny them a participation in the proceedings, a large portion of the Convention, including Rev. T. W. HIGGINSON, of Massachusetts, Rev. M. B. WILLIAMS of Illinois, and Rev. H. B. HALL of Peterboro', withdrew, having given notice of a meeting in the afternoon at Dr. R. T. TRALL'S Water Cure Institute, No. 15 Laight-st.

    The afternoon meeting met at 2 o'clock. Some of the most prominent speakers at the Anniversaries were there, among which we noticed Messrs. GARRISON, PHILLIPS, BURLEIGH, Rev. T. W. HIGGINSON, Dr. J. E. SNODGRASS of Baltimore, and LUCY STONE of Massachusetts.

    The meeting was called to order, and Rev. T. W. HIGGINSON appointed President, and SUSAN B. ANTHONY Secretary. A Business Committee was appointed, who reported resolutions; also, Committees on local arrangements, Speakers, Correspondence, and the call.

    After a meeting of three hours, in which more than fifty persons, from a dozen different States, participated, the month of September was fixed on for the time of holding the Whole World's Temperance Convention. Notice was given that a meeting to consider the justice of the expulsion of women from the Temperance platforms and Conventions, would be held at the Tabernacle on Saturday evening, at which Miss LUCY STONE is to speak.

    The Convention then adjourned sine die.

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