Document 3: "Call" to plan the World Temperance Convention, New York Daily Tribune, April 7, 1853, p. 6.


   Antebellum reformers routinely organized conventions by issuing "calls" to interested parties to attend. Reform newspapers, such as the New York Daily Tribune and Frederick Douglass's North Star, published them. The date in May for the preliminary planning meeting was during "Anniversary Week," when a host of reform organizations met annually in New York City. Many reformers belonged to a number of such groups. Holding the annual meetings in the same place and at the same time enabled them to attend several.

[p. 6]

World's Temperance Convention. -The undersigned, in concurrence with a resolution of the Massachusetts Temperance Convention, respectfully invite the friends of Temperance in each State, and in Canada, to appoint some person or persons to meet in the City of New York, on Thursday the 12th of May next, at 9 A. M., to make arrangements for the holding of a great Temperance Convention, in said City, during the World's Fair. Place of meeting will be duly notified. All communications relative to such Convention may be addressed to Rev. E. W. Jackson, Philadelphia. Papers friendly will please copy.

R. H. Walworth, of N. Y.

Samuel Luckey, of N.Y.

John Marsh, of N.Y.

Neal Dow, of Me.

Thomas R. Jones, of N. H.

T. W. Higginson, of Mass.

A. C. Barstow, of R. I.

F. B. Betts, of N. J.

E. W. Jackson, of Pa.

S. F. Carey, of Ohio.

F. Yates, of Michigan.

C. Keener, of Maryland.

John Dougal, of Montreal.

New York, April 6, 1853.

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