Meeting of the Seceding Temperance Delegates

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Meeting of the Seceding Temperance Delegates

A large number of delegates, who withdrew yesterday morning from the Convention held in the Brick Chapel, met yesterday afternoon at the Water Cure establishment of Dr. Trall, No. 15 Leight st., at 2 o'clock. There were over fifty persons present--representatives of eleven different States-- among whom were Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Dr. Snodgrass, Lucy Stone, Lydia F. Fowler, Abby Kelly Foster, Susan B. Anthony, Lydia A. Mott, Dr. Henrietta W. Johnson, Rev. T. W. Higginson, Rev. J. A. Dugdale, Rev. W. B. Williams, Rev. George Hall, and others.

Rev. T. W. HIGGINSON, of Massachusetts, was appointed President, and Susan B. Anthony, Secretary. Mr. Higginson was greeted with applause, on taking the chair.

JOSEPH A. DUGDALE, Pennsylvania Minister of the Society of Progressive Friends, desired to explain his reason for becoming a member of the Convention, which was, that he thought women were quite as much interested in the Temperance movement as the other sex possibly could be. The other Convention took but half the world, this one would embrace the whole.

ABBY KELLEY FOSTER now explained that so far as she was concerned, she would have no Woman's Rights question brought into the Convention, although this question was discussed to such an extent this morning.

Dr. SNODGRASS here stated that, after the ladies left the Convention this morning, the general idea among the delegates seemed to be that they had got rid of the scum, and the true metal was left without alloy. When he left, there was every appearance of a fight taking place, as a Rev. gentleman had called one of the members a liar. He could not say if it had been settled or not, as he withdrew before the settlement of the affair.

A Business Committee was appointed, as follows: Pennsylvania, Joseph A. Dugdale; Massachusetts, Abby Kelley Foster; Maryland, J. E. Snodgrass; New Hampshire, John S. Merrick; New Jersey, Stephen Grimes; Ohio, Isaac Trescott; Oregon, Ashley Pearce; Maine, Daniel T. Adams; New York, Susan B. Anthony; Illinois, Wm. B. Williams; Rhode Island, Wm. Hunt.

After a short absence, the Committee reported Resolutions as follows:

1 Whereas, In response to a call for a preliminary meeting of the friends of Temperance in North America, to make arrangements for a World's Convention in New York during the World's Fair, a meeting assembled in this City on the 12th of May, 1853, which assumed the power to exclude several regularly elected delegates, because they were women.

2. And Whereas, A portion of the members of the meeting have retired from

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that body, regarding it as false both to the letter and the spirit of the call; the undersigned (consisting in part of such seceding delegates) would invite those in favor of a World's Convention, which shall be true to its name, to meet in the City of New York on the day-----of-----, to consider the present needs of the Temperance Reform.

Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed to make the necessary arrangements in this City for the World's Convention.

Resolved, That a Committee of Correspondence, consisting of five, be appointed to secure the presence of able speakers and writers, who shall be prepared with addresses and essays for the occasion.

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to issue the call for a "WHOLE WORLD'S TEMPERANCE CONVENTION."

The following are the Committees:

Committee on Local Arrangements--Dr. R. T. Trall, Oliver Johnson, Dr. O. H. Wellington, Lydia F. Fowler, C. B. Le Baron.

Committee on Correspondence--T. W. Higginson, Wendell Phillips, Elizabeth C. Stanton, Mary C. Vaughn.

Committee, on Call--Charles C. Burleigh, Lucy Stone, J. A. Dugdale.

After the appointment of the above Committees, a President announced that on Saturday evening next a meeting would be held at the Tabernacle, at which LUCY STONE would present a review of the proceedings at the meeting held in the Brick Church Chapel, on Thursday morning, by which the regularly appointed delegates of an efficient State Temperance Society were insultingly rejected, because they were women! thus palpably violating both the spirit and letter of the published call for said meeting,

After this announcement, the meeting adjourned sine die.

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