Call, Whole World's Temperance Convention, July 15, 1853



Whereas, In response to a call for a preliminary meeting of the friends of Temperance in North America, to make arrangements for a World's Temperance Convention in the City of New York, during the World's Fair, a meeting assembled in that City, on the 12th of May, 1853, which assumed the power to exclude several regularly elected Delegates because they were Women;

And whereas, A portion of the members of that meeting retired from it, regarding it as false both to the letter and spirit of the call;

The undersigned, consisting in part of such seceding Delegates, hereby invite all those in favor of a WORLD'S TEMPERANCE CONVENTION, which shall be true to its name, to meet in the City of New York on Thursday and Friday, the 1st and 2d of September next, to consider the present needs of the Temperance Reform.

New York, July 16, 1858.

T. W. Higginson Mass
Horace Greeley N Y
Mary Y. C. Greeley N Y
Joshua R. Giddings, Ohio
Francis D. Gage Missouri
E. L. Snow N Y
Theodore Parker Mass
Antoinette L. Brown N Y
Daniel W Vaughan R I
Samuel Longfellow N Y
William S. Balch N Y
O. H. Wellington N Y
James Mott Penn
Lucretia Mott Penn
Paulina Wright Davis R I
Francis Jackson Mass
Sidney Pierce Penn
George Hall N Y
Mary C. Vaughn N Y
Melancthon B. Williams Ill
Erasmus D. Hudson Mass
Ashby Pierce Oregon Ter
Rowland Johnson N Y
Hen'a WuPt Johnson N Y
Emily Clark N Y
Daniel T. Adams Maine
C. C. Burleigh Conn
Gert'e K. Burleigh Conn
Edward Webb Del
John S. Merrick N H
Catharine M. Schuyler Penn
Ann Powell N Y
Wm. K. Foster N Y
S. P. Townsend
L. N. Fowler N Y
Lydia F. Fowler N Y
N. A. Calkins N Y
S. R. Wells N Y
J. W. Kellogg N Y
B. E. Buckman N Y
C. B. Wheeler N Y
Joshua Brown N Y
N. A. Davis N H
Stephen C. Foster Maine
Royal Barnum N Y
O. C. Wheeler Cal
Wm. McDermott N Y
Morris Decamp N Y
George F. Colburn N Y
James Campbell N Y
E. H. Chapin N Y
Lucy Stone Mass
Samuel J. May N Y
Oliver Johnson N Y
Mary A. W. Johnson N Y
Wm. A. White Wisconsin
C. H. A. Dell Canada West
Car'e W. Healy Dall C W
Wm. Lloyd Garrison Mass
Harriet K. Hunt Mass
Wm. H. Channing Mass
R. T. Trall N Y
Sumner Stebbins Penn
Thomas Chandler Mich
Thomas Garrett Del
Wendell Phillips Mass
Joseph A. Dugdale Penn

Edward M. Davies Penn
Isaac Trescott Ohio
Rowland T. Robinson Vt
Rachel Robinson Vt
Lydia Mott N Y
Stephen Grimes N Y
Mary P. H. Allen N Y
Elizabeth Hallock N Y
M. Fayette Baldwin N Y
Emma L. Baldwin N Y
Andrew Lester N Y
William Hunt R I
Joseph Brundage N Y
Ruth Hambleton Penn
James Howe N J
Eliza P. Gaunt N J
Lambert S. Beck N Y
C. B. Le Baron N Y
Wm. S. King, Jr N Y
Ira Buckman, Jr N Y
Mary S. Rich N Y
John Falconer N Y
James O. Bennet N Y
John Law N Y
Susan B. Anthony N Y
C. G. Coffin Mass
Francis L. Aud Cal
Leonard Scott N Y
Samuel Holmes N Y
James Moran N Y
David G. Croly N Y
Emily S. Trall N Y
Phineas T. Barnum N Y

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