"Pecan Strikers Return to Work," San Antonio Light, 8 March 1938, p. 6-A.

Pecan Strikers Return to Work

       San Antonio's pecan shellers' strike was at an end Tuesday -- at least temporarily.В 

       The embattled shellers began trooping back to the city's 128 pecan factories Tuesday morning, the result of an agreement between plant operators and CIO officials to arbitrate the labor controversy . . . .  The arbitration pact is temporary in that the workers will continue for the next 15 days at the reduced wage scale which caused the strike, according to J. Austin Beasley, strike chieftain.В В 

       It is believed that the arbitrators--to number three--will have agreed on the wage rate by that time. This is the opinion of both strike leaders and factory operators . . . .  The arbitrators will be called upon to decide whether the wage rate shall be 8 and 7 cents per pound, with 60 cents for shellers, demanded by the strikers. They will also pass on the union demand for an official weigher in each factory.В 

       The strikers also had demanded recognition of the International Pecan Shellers union as their bargaining agent, but it was believed this would be accorded without controversy. . . .

       One of the major objectives of the union, the CIO leader said, will be to maintain rigid health standards among its members.

-- "Pecan Strikers Return to Work," San Antonio Light, 8 March 1938

16. What issues will be subject to arbitration?







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