Emma Wold to Miss Anna A. Clemons, 2 November 1920, National Woman's Party Papers, 1913-1974, Library of Congress (Microfilm (1979), reel 5).

November 2, 1920                     

Mrs. Anna Clemons,
Box 294,
Southport, N.C.

My dear Mrs. Clemons:

       We have been giving the situation in the south a good deal of thought but at present we see only one solution to the matter, and that is one which is not available now. We feel that we must press through Congress an Enabling Act which will place federal authority over the registration and election officials in all the states and so make interference with, or prevention of, the proper execution of the election laws a federal offense. We had hoped to get this Enabling Act through Congress before its adjournment last spring, but did not get farther than the introduction of the measure. We expect to be able to work for the passage of this Act at the coming session of Congress. В 

Very sincerely yours, В 

В        [Emma Wold]

Headquarters Secretary

-- Excerpts from letter from Emma Wold to Anna A. Clemons, 2 November 1920

3. How did Wold respond to Clemons's letter regarding her inability to register to vote?






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