How Did Margaret Sanger's 1922 Tour of Japan Help Spread the Idea of Birth Control
and Inspire the Formation of a Japanese Birth Control Movement?

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How Did American and Japanese Gender Hierarchies Shape Japanese Women's Participation in the Transnational WCTU Movement in the 1880s?

   This document project by Rumi Yasutake, also available on this website, examines the impact of Japanese and American gender ideologies and hierarchies on the expansion of the U.S.-based Woman's Christian Temperance Union to Japan in the 1880s.

How Did Japanese Women Peace Activists Interact with European Women as they Negotiated between Nationalism and Transnational Peace Activism to Promote Peace, 1915-1935?

   Taeko Shibahara's document project, also available on this website, focuses on the women's peace movement in Japan that emerged in the interwar period as a product of the contradictory influences of contact with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and of Japanese nationalism and militarism.

Margaret Sanger Papers Project

   Project website contains more material on other aspects of Sanger's life and a digital collection of her speeches and articles.

The Meiji and Taisho Era in Photographs, National Diet Library of Japan--Tokyo in Photographs

   This interesting collection contains images of the city and its buildings in that period.

Old Photos of Japan

   This is a photo blog of Japan in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa Periods.

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