Document 19: Excerpt from Margaret Sanger, World Trip Journal, Tokyo, Japan, 15 March 1922, pp. 25-27 (Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, The Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition: Smith College Collections, reel S70, frames 48-50).


   After just a few days in Japan, Sanger managed to allay the Japanese government's concerns; as one reporter wrote: "Mrs. Sanger's quiet acceptance of any restrictions placed upon her and the complete way in which she behaves as a guest in another country has made for her many friends, even among those prejudiced." Yet Sanger was still able to convey to the Japanese people that she was a strong and determined woman. Sanger's journal entries are particularly effective at illustrating her freedom of movement and the frequent contact she made with other native English speakers.[20]

[p. 25]

March 15.

   How time flies here--and how sleepy one becomes in this climate.

   Got away to Yokohama to luncheon at Bluff Hotel with Mrs_____. Then to tea at Mrs Pages house--Very delightful group at both places. Talked freely & frankly on b.c. Many delighted with address of yesterday & said "it put it over." Mrs Page an influence here but inclined to be sceptical.

   A group of American & English women very friendly, but conservative. Mrs Pearse is refreshing, a friend of Lillian Fassetts so, she would be. Hurried back to Tokyo for tea at American Embassy. Mr & Mrs Warren. It was late & only few callers left when we arrived.

   Dinner at Ishimotos with

[p. 26]

Mr B. Suzuki, Japans labor leader Prof Abbe who is a professor of Economics at the W[aseda] University worked more than ten years on study of b.c. Dr Kaji a gynecologist who has worked more than 20 years along the same line. These three men agree on principles and have formed nucleus of a good substantial Birth Control League here.

   Also present Mr & Mrs Editor of Japan Advertiser.

   Very sympathetic group & it is very possible if this group work together very big things may come out of Japan.

   I was interviewed by Osaka concerning the "Poetess" and her tragic story. Akiko Yanagiwara author of Fumi-e pen name Byakuren I said I believed love to be the only

[p. 27]

natural & right bond to hold people together, that she was a poetess & a genius & should be given greater latitude than ordinary drudge women. She, like Shelly & Byron & Goethe, would be misunderstood in this age, but their conduct was but a passing remark while the poetry of these great souls lived on, past all the changes of standards & convention & then misconduct forgiven & forgotten because of their greatness.

   "She is a bad example to the women of Japan" the reporter said. Yes that is what was said of Vashti & why she was dethroned. But her punishment did not stop womans rebellion. It never will. "She is an encouragement & inspiration not only to the women of Japan but to the women in all the world" I said. Reporter was pleased & said he must [text ends]

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