How Did Margaret Sanger's 1922 Tour of Japan Help Spread the Idea of Birth Control
and Inspire the Formation of a Japanese Birth Control Movement?

Editorial Practices and Acknowledgments


   Transcriptions were created for all documents in the collection, and those originally written in Japanese were translated into English. All English transcriptions were proofread by the staff of the Margaret Sanger Papers Project; the translations of Japanese articles into English were created and proofread by Kazuhiro Oharazeki.

   For the most part, transcriptions have been prepared in verbatim form, save that we have silently corrected typographical and spelling errors in published documents. Such errors in handwritten materials and typed letters have been retained. We have used [italics] to highlight text that is difficult to read to indicate that we have made an editorial decision about the correct wording. Words that were inserted above or below the margin by the original author have been rendered in ↑arrows↓.

   Links to the names of people in the biographical directory appear at the initial instance of each name in each document; subsequent appearances are not linked to the biographical directory. If there is no link for a name, we were unable to identify the individual.


   We would like to thank Thomas Dublin and Kathryn Kish Sklar for their support and encouragement in the gestation of this project, also for helping us to locate Japanese scholars Rui Kohiyama and Kazuhiro Oharazeki, without whose generous cooperation we could not have included any Japanese-language materials. We would like to thank interns who worked on transcriptions and research for this collection, particularly Alison Channon, Carolyn Eberts, Mackenzie Sheridan Kane, Laura Larsell, Patricia Nelson, and Jennifer Sands.

   We would also like to thank the scholars who helped us with research on the Japanese birth control movement, including, Matthew Fraleigh, Jim Fujii, Grant K. Goodman, Yukiko Hanawa, Helen M. Hopper, Vera Mackie, Michael A. Schneider, and Yukako Tatsumi.

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