The Ladder, April 1957, Vol. 1, No. 7

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1. Education of the variant, with particular emphasis on the psychological, physiological and sociological aspects, to enable her to understand herself and make her adjustment to society in all its social, civic and economic implications--this to be accomplished by establishing and maintaining as complete a library as possible of both fiction and non-fiction literature on the sex deviant theme; by sponsoring public discussions on pertinent subjects to be conducted by leading members of the legal, psychiatric, religious and other professions; by advocating a mode of behaviour and dress acceptable to society.

2. Education of the public at large through acceptance first of the individual, leading to an eventual breakdown of erroneous conceptions, taboos and prejudices; through public discussion meetings afore mentioned; through dissemination of educational literature on the homosexual theme.

3. Participation in research projects by duly author and responsible psychology, sociology and other such experts directed towards further know ledge of the homosexual.

4. Investigation of the penal code as it pertains to the homosexual proposal of Changes to provide an equitable handling of cases involving this minority group, and promotion of these changes through due process of law in the state legislatures.

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Published monthly by the
Daughters of Bilitis, Inc.
a non--profit corporation,
693 Mission Street, Rm. 308
San Francisco 5, California
Telephone: EXbrook 7-0773


President--Helen Sanders

Vice President--Del Martin

Secretary--Jean Peterson

Treasurer--Toni Navarro

Publications Director--Phyllis Lyon


Editor--Phyllis Lyon

Assistant--Del Martin

Circulation--Bobbi Deming

Production--Helen Sanders


Los Angeles Reporter--Sten Russell


Dr. Baker Pleads Guilty

Martin Katzman, M.D.
693 Mission St., Rm. 308
San Francisco 5, Calif.

Dear Dr. Katzman:

Yes, Dr. Katzman, I did say that the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that the "psychiatrist goes deeper, stays longer and comes up dirtier". (Your underlining). It was not a misquote. If this "rotten remark" (my quotes) to which you called attention in a letter published in THE LADDER

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for March 1957, on page 16, offended you, I am truly sorry. Certainly no insult to the profession of psychiatry was intended. I was being funny.

As a matter of fact, I was so shocked by your interpretation of what I had considered an innocuous but humorously challenging metaphor chosen to break the ice with a group as capable of appreciating the subtleties of clever wit and repartee, that I began to wonder if my unconscious had played a trick on me. Taken out of context, did that remark indicate that I felt that I had "become dirtied by contact with (my) clients"? Was it true, as you state, that such a person doesn't "belong in the field of attempting to be therapeutic to other human beings" since you "cannot conceive of a filthier insult to patients and humanity in general than the statement quoted"? (my quotes) So I immediately took steps which I consider essential for any psychiatrist to take when confronted by such a problem. I did some deep dredging into my unconscious on the couch. I had some long discussions on the subject with my professional friends whom I trust and admire. I had a thorough airing of the dirt with my private patients in group therapy. From all of these sources I gained a lot of understanding and I now wish to make my confession;

(1) Dr. Baker is guilty of using "trite witticisms" such as an old saw that has been going the rounds for years. It is so old it surely has whiskers by now. (No, Dr. Katzman, I did not author such a "rotten remark")

(2) Dr. B. is guilty of having a sense of humor. In fact, she can get "drunk" on laughter quicker than any other way. She might have been temporarily "intoxicated" by the gay atmosphere at the annual Midwinter Banquet of ONE, Inc., in L.A. where the "unseemly" remark was made. Knowing that most people are a bit fearful of psychiatrists and that homophiles seem to have just cause for being suspicious, Dr. B. as the banquet speaker, opened her remarks by stating that she was NOT a Dr. Bergler (Edmund Bergler, M.D. psychiatrist and author of Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life, Hill and Wang, Inc. N.Y., 1956) for she believes that homosexuals are human beings who are basically no different from heterosexuals except in their choice of a love object Then, she made the "dirty" remark in order to put her audience at ease by releasing tense feelings through laughter (And, honestly, Dr. K. they just loved it.)

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(3) Dr. B. Is guilty of being a dual personality for she is both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Perhaps it was her psychologist side that took the opportunity to smear her psychiatrist side. Perhaps she has some hidden hostility deep inside her. Maybe she should see a psychiatrist if she can find one who does not feel that he would become dirtied by contact with such a client. What a catharsis that would be! (Dr. K. should hear her expound on the value of four letter words as emotional releases!)

(4) Dr. B. is guilty of having touched one of Dr. Katzman's sensitive spots. The least she can do to make amends is to suggest that he might find it helpful to develop greater immunity to any such "filthy" remarks which may come this way in the future. It might even be beneficial to Dr. Katzman to read The Fantasy of Dirt by Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie, psychoanalyst, in the October 1937 issue, Vol. VI, No., 4, pp. 388-425, of THE PSYCHOANALYTIC QUARTERLY.

(5) Dr. B. is guilty of being a human being who knows pain. Thus she sincerely hopes that no permanent injury to Dr. Katzman has" resulted from her "Inept" remark and that Dr. K. will find It in his heart to forgive a fellow worker in the field of human suffering who learned in the grind of medical school the healing value of laughter when dealing with painful subjects. She even considers it essential for good mental health to keep a sense of humor enthusiastically awake, especially toward one's self, in order to maintain balance--but she may be mistaken.

(6) Dr. B. is guilty of making other "earthy" remarks such as "Never a rose bloomed without some manure at its roots." (Please forgive her, Dr. K. She has been a very frustrated female. "Did you see that pile of five degrees listed in the description of her printed below your letter in THE LADDER? Or do you know that other ancient story about the B.S. the M.S. and the Ph.D which winds up piled higher and deeper"? (N.B. THIS IS A JOKE!)

(7) And, finally, Dr. B. is guilty of Identifying with her patient s. She believes that democratic procedures are desirable in human relations. Thus she dares to violate, the code of the Mystery-Man Cult of Medicine and to practice the art of healing by being a kindly, friendly, motherly sort of doctor (or teacher) who practices brotherhood, preaches self- acceptance and even enjoys the companionship of "dirty" homosexuals.

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(And, by the way, Dr. K., what were you doing reading THE LADDER?)

Now, by way of self-defense, may I add that my therapeutic ideals are based on the concept that a psychiatrist is truly a "soul doctor" since psyche means "soul" in Greek. Furthermore, one should not omit the psyche when one works with psychology (soul science). Thus I work with a person as a whole, including his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Since most people who seek my help, including homophiles, are basically hurt children who are still controlled by their emotional natures, no matter what their chronological age, their physical size, their I.Q. or their state of spiritual awareness, I have developed the art of communicating with each Individual at the various levels at which he functions. This calls for rapid, intuitive, spontaneous, versatile adjustment to each situation that arises. I find that much non-verbal communication is required, including the warmth and affection a wise mother will give her hurt babe. A good sense of humor is valuable in bringing the shattered personality together to produce a more integrated, happy, creative and efficient human being. I find that both the therapist and the patient grow in the therapeutic relationship. Like Dr. Carl Rogers, psychologist, author of Client-Centered Therapy (Houghton Mifflin Co. 1951) I find that both the therapist and the client plunge into the stream of life together and both come up wiser for the therapeutic experience. The longer I work in this fascinating and rewarding field of psychiatry, the more aware I; become that this is I a God created orderly universe, governed by exact laws with which man can learn to cooperate, and so become master of himself and his environment, including other human beings, and so eliminate the hostile methods he has used all too long. In this divinely orderly scheme of things everything has its place including so good and evil. And even "dirt" may be useful as part of the Mighty Whole. Perhaps like truth, "dirt" is in the eye of the beholder!

Blanche M. Baker, M.D. Ph.D.
San Francisco, Calif.

P.S. I agree with you, Dr. Katzman, this "is a terribly complicated situation." If you have any further suggestions to clean up the mess won't you please send them along in care of THE LADDER?


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Schedule of Events

Tuesday, April 23 --Dr. Blanche M. Baker, San Francisco psychiatrist will speak at the monthly discussion meeting at 465 Geary St. on "Self Acceptance", For additional information see Dr. Baker's "Open Letter" on page 3 of this issue. All are invited to attend this meeting, starting at 8:15 p.m.
Saturday, April 27 --Bowling at the Sports Center, 3333 Mission St. from 7 P.m. on. Please make reservations by Thursday night, April 25, to Fillmore 6-0404 so alleys may be reserved. You don't have to be a professional to bowl with this group. We get them from the low 70s to the almost 300s. Come on out and join the fun.
Thursday, May 2 --Monthly Mattachine Society discussion meeting, Friend's Center, 1830 Sutter, 8 p.m. Speaker: Dr. Carlos Lastrucci, cultural anthropologist, on "The Sexual Drive".
Saturday, May 4 --The Mattaohini Players will present "The Reluctant Dragon", a puppet play based upon the Kenneth Grahame fairy tale, at 8 p.m. at the Friends Society auditorium, 1830 Sutter St. Tickets are $1.00 and pay be obtained at the Mattachine Society office, 693 Mission St. Audience is limited to 100.
Wednesday, May 8 --Monthly business meeting, 1030-D Steiner St., San Francisco, 8 p.m.
Saturday, May 18 --Daughters party celebrating the month of Taurus the bulls. At the Matador Room, 655 Duncan St. 8:30 p.m. Reservations, should be made to Fillmore 6-0404 by Friday, May 17. Donation is $1.50 per person.
Tuesday--May 28 --Public discussion meeting at 465 Geary St. will feature a debate on the controversial book "We Walk Alone" by Ann Aldrich.

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Relationship Not So 'Deviant'

If Child Has Love and Security

The first in a series of group discussions on "Raising Children in a Deviant Relationship" was held March 29 with Eleanor van Leeuwen, specialist in parent education and nursery school children, as guest discussion leader.

The evening was primarily one wherein all present joined in the talk, asking questions and, putting forth their solutions to problems which had arisen with their children.

The following; article by Jean Peterson, secretary of the Daughters of Bilitis, is a resume of what was said by all present at the meeting.--Ed.

Parent education is becoming an ever-widening field and of growing importance in our society. It is especially important. to the younger parental age group.

Things dominating a child at the age of two years, when ready for nursery school, include:

1. Hereditary factors such as physical and some mental properties. A strong tendency toward average intelligence rather than an inclination toward above normal or sub-normal Intelligence. Some children are very outgoing whereas others hold back and are ingoings.

2. In terms of responsiveness towards the teacher many accept her readily as a mother substitute, others are not so outgoing.

3. A 2 1/2 or 3-year-old should accept the teacher as a mother substitute readily, release himself from his own mother and accept authority and the rules of the school.

Parents definitely reflect their attitudes on their children. The child, therefore, naturally will be stuck with all his parents Ideas and problems. Each child will react in a certain way because of definite hunger drives--for love, security, attention, etc. Each child may need a different type of giving to be fulfilled.

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Studies show a definite backward progression as a child grows. Many times a baby will crawl backward before learning to go ahead.

In learning to share, for instance, a child must learn that possessions are really his before he can learn to give of them readily.


In language growth speech defects can be caused by not allowing the child enough language freedom. It is the child's right to make speech sounds and if held in by parents he will suffer. Taboo values placed on words can be astounding and confusing to the young child and may cause stuttering, stammering, mispronunciation. A tendency to place too much value on words causes later failure to interpret correctly. The child often says just what you want him to only to please you, without knowing the meaning or emphasis.

In referring to children raised in a deviant relationship it was pointed out that anything which strays from the sincere feeling or true values can be said to be deviant, and there can very definitely be deviant heterosexuals as well as deviant homophiles. The emotional stability of parents will determine the background of the child. Love and security overshadow almost all other factors. If a child knows love, gives love and receives love, and knows he is wanted, chances are he will be normal and well-adjusted.

Problems and ideas will be absorbed by the child in, any relationship, heterophiles or homophile, and these can be good or bad for the child. It takes only common sense to determine the differences. However, both male and female children need strong contact with both male and female figures to balance out their life.

The basic thing is to accept and understand yourself and then accept the rest of the world as it is. In any third person relationship the child will turn to one or the other; he will try to pit one person against the other. He does this because he cannot focus on the situation as a whole. All this is part of growing up.

It is very important that you teach a child a sense of values at a young age. Emotional development is as important as physical development, but it is also important that a child

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understand physical development He must be taught to understand the great wonder of his own body and how to take care of himself.

Masturbation is all a part of growing up and all children try it at some time or other, to greater or lesser degree and for varying lengths of time. The medical end psychological professions, for the most part, feel it is completely normal in children of both sexes and is certainly not to be treated as a distasteful subject.

There are many good books on the subject of the child's body and now it prows that answer the sometimes puzzling questions children may pose to their parents. These include "How To Tell Your Child About Sex" by James Hymes and "The Wonderful Story of How You there Porn" by Sydney Gurenberg.

One of the best ways to get at a child's lack of knowledge is to dear them out by questions when they question you. This way you can find out just what they mean by a certain remark and can correct any false Impressions or vague ideas the child may have conceived. Find out where they may have gotten these ideas and impressions so this, too, can be corrected. The idea of education of a child is like packing a suitcase to go on a trip--first you discard any old items which you may have packed and repack your suitcase for the journey you are about to take. The some holds true with child education; you not only want to give the child new information but also rid him of all misconceptions which he may have. However, you must have a good conception to convey to the child. If you do not feel completely educated it will then be quite hard for you to put over your ideas to the child (in the right way)

The opinion was raised that it would be better if the subject of sex education was taken out of the hands of the parents, many of idiom do not feel equipped for the task, and given over, to competent teachers in the school system. There it could be presented in a scientific manner to meet the needs of all school gos. Parents seem to agree with this theory but apparently the churches and other civic organizations object so greatly that many cities have never tried this method.


Share your joys and fears. Children have a high set of ideals especially where their parents are concerned. But let your child know that you have fears, lot him know when you rejoice, let him know whit you think about different things and ideas.

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In this way you will bring your child out of himself and he will realize that he is the same as you and that you are no great god or ideal on a pedestal who fears nothing, that can do no wrong. Let your child know you are human, let him know that to err is human and there are no perfect examples of humanity... all people at sometime or another may do wrong.

It is almost impossible for a child to know that his parents were once children and it seems almost impossible to a child to live up to the high ideals of his parents, they must come down to the level of the child so that the child can realize they are really just human beings and, like all human brings, have feelings and ideals, joys and fears. A child can sense fears, joys, heartbreaks, etc. Sensing this and not knowing the truth of the matter can cause emotional disturbances in the child.

Do not question the child continually about little everyday things for he will seem to draw away from you. Remember that while you may be interested in all the little things he does to him they are everyday occurrences and nothing to get too upset about. Let him volunteer the information, let him know you are there to listen when he has something to offer. Let him know, you are interested in his life but do not goad the child. Being questioned continually will put him on guard and he will immediately build a negative attitude and feel that he is being put on the spot.

Respect is very important attitude to be cultivated by both parents and children. It is just as important for the parent to respect the wishes, desires and ideas, within limits, of the child as it is for the child to respect the attitudes of adults. The child can only learn respect from his teachers, parents, friends, etc, Even though small the child is an individual and as such is entitled to respect.

The Family Education Service at 1010 Gough St., San Francisco, has a good library on these subjects and for a nominal fee you can purchase numerous pamphlets, articles and books on this subject Educate yourself first and then begin the education of your child.

--Jean Peterson

The second in this series on Raising Children In A Deviant Relationship Will be hold in the near future. If you are interested please contact the Daughters of Bilitis at the office, Exbrook 7-0773, or drop a card to us at 693 Mission St., San Francisco 5. There is room for three or four more, although we want to keep the group small.--Ed.

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Dr. Edmund Bergler, a Manhattan psychoanalyst, in his recent book "Homosexuality; A Disease or Way of Life", appears to me to, be actually anti-homosexual. Rather than presenting the two classes of homosexuals--the well behaved and stable, and the exhibitionist and unstable, he seems determined to class all homosexuals as one group. He stresses the least desirable factors (which in so me oases are! present in the homosexual makeup) but he does not mention the many homosexuals who do not have these character flaws.

If Dr. Bergler actually believes the statements he makes against homosexuals per se, he must have studied only emotionally immature and mentally disturbed homosexuals. Perhaps he should meet some emotionally mature, cheerful constructive and stable members of the sexual minority. One thing is certain, he has not yet met such persons, or if he has he did, not admit it.

Instead of offering comfort to the homosexual, as is the noble purpose of many of our high ranking psychiatrists, Dr. Bergles seems to specialize in flaying them.

However, the intelligent homosexual will riot really be disturbed by this man's attitude because--when the shoe doesn't fit why attempt to wear it?

It is regrettable, however, that at this time when the homosexuals attempt to secure understanding and acceptance for their way of life, is on the forward march that a book such as Dr. Bergler's should be delivered into the hands of the opposing bigots and the prejudiced.

However--this book cannot delay the march to progress.

Other books will present the good traits and constructive aspects of the I homosexual personality And if such an attempt as Dr.Bergler's to block the onward march may in some instances present a temporary hurdle--the other type of of books will aid in surmounting it. Truth has an agility that will finally leap the highest wall that prejudice can build.

Real homosexuals already know that in accord with Nature's own pattern, homosexuality IS RIGHT for homosexuals! In

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time even the heterosexuals who now doubt this fact will finally realize that it is true.

Courageous, constructive-thinking and acting homosexuals should not be discouraged by such unfavorable views as Dr. Bergler presents, but they should accept these views as a CHALLENGE! They should renew and redouble their efforts in such a way as to completely disprove the things that Dr. Bergler has said about them. I feel certain that this they will do.

The non-fiction book which I am now completing will present my own effort in this direction.

Aside from the written efforts homosexuals may make to spread the light of truth concerning their minority, there is something every homosexual can do to aid their cause. That is to so conduct themselves in daily life as to merit respect of both the homosexual and the heterosexual segments of our society.

I salute and congratulate the Daughters of Bilitis for the well--organized and worthwhile contribution they are making toward bringing about right understanding and acceptance of the homosexual in today's world.

--Carol Hales

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5. DIANA by Diana Fredericks. Berkeley Publishing Corp., New York City, 1955. Copyright 1939 by The Dial Press, Inc.

An autobiography almost as well known and accepted in Lesbian circles as the Well of Loneliness". While all of Diana's experiences and interpretation of those experiences may not ring true for the average Lesbian, we believe that the common denominator very well might be this paragraph found in the forward:

"The history of my emotional development had only those two marks of distinction: first, my Lesbianism is, I believe, the result of long environment peculiarly fitted to foster whatever inclination to homosexuality I had as a child; second, my obstinate refusal to admit the truth of my own nature to myself."

6. WE TOO ARE DRIFTING by Gale Wilhelm. Copyright 1935 by The Morden Library, Inc. Reprinted by Grason Publishing Corp., 1947.

The setting is San Francisco. The style of writing is different and refreshing direct yet subtle, to the point and yet leaving much to the imagination. There is no plea for understanding. Jan's story, her way of life, her friends are presented as they are without device of flashback and apology. It is for the reader to accept or reject. We choose to accept!

7. ODD GIRL CUT by A. Bannon. Gold Medal Books, 1957.

Another story of life in a sorority house with the inevitable schoolgirl "crush" on her room mate. However, the treatment here is not so sensational as in most pocket books on this theme. The problems of heterosexual love as well as homosexual love are equally well presented--with understanding and sympathy.

This is the second in a continuous series of brief comments on books (fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry) on the Lesbian theme. Contributions for this department from readers will be most welcome.

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Attorney Stresses Nothing To Fear
In Joining Daughters of Bilitis

"A person Is as secure in the Daughters of Bilitis, or the Mattachine Society, as he would be in any other fraternal or social organization which makes certain demands of its members and requires that they accept certain beliefs in order to become members."

Thus stated Kenneth C Zwerin, San Francisco attorney, at the March public discussion meeting of the Daughters of Bilitis.

Commenting on the fact that the Daughters is now a legally chartered non-profit corporation in the State of California, Mr. Zwerin told the group to "forget about the mailing lists or membership lists being turned over to the police or postal authorities--it won't happen"

In fact, the attorney pointed out, if you mind your own business and use "good manners" you will not get into any trouble at all.

"Any minority is in danger of having things said about it, but they aren't, worth worrying about," he declared. "As far as the security of your job is concerned any. employer can fire without reason. If you do your job well you have little to fear--but if you're worried about your private life all the time you probably won't do good work and will get fired."

The female deviate is much more secure than the male for three basic reasons, Mr. Zwerin said. These are: 1) by her very biological nature she is not promiscuous; 2) she prefers a quiet domestic type of life, and 3) she does not solicit in public places.

The law prohibiting oral-genital contact has never been applied to two women in the State of California, he said, only to two men, There have been no cases reported in California involving homosexual charges against two consenting adult women.

In many cases of arrest, Mr. Zwerin said, the person arrested, whether guilty or not, feels guilty because he or she knows they are homosexual. Therefore they tend to plead guilty and fail to obtain their legal rights.

In discussing a person's legal rights in case of arrest, Mr. Zwerin emphasized that you should never plead guilty. If

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you don't have an attorney ask for a continuance in order to get one. The judge must give you a continuance.

Normally bail on misdemeanor charges fits a predetermined pattern set up by the judges. Bail for a felony must be set personally by a judge.

Checks are not acceptable for bail. A bondsman or lawyer may be called, or a friend may bring cash--or you might have that much with you.

"Organizations such as the Daughters of Bilitis and the Mattachine Society must work within the framework of the law. They cannot circumvent the law but can work to bring about changes by legal means" the attorney pointed out.

In conclusion Mr. Zwerin declared "you are only as secure in your contacts with the public as you are within your own person. If you are well-adjusted mentally, are at peace with, and like, yourself, then there is little chance you will encounter any difficulty due to sexual deviation."


I have thought the matter over and, consequently am herein enclosing $8.50 for an associate membership.

"I noted with Interest the discussions on raising children In a deviant relationship--is it possible to find out more regarding this problem? Also I noted with interest your plans to organize the New York area, While I would be most anxious to remain discreet and discriminating in social contacts I would, enjoy meeting with, or hearing from, others in the general New York area who are genuinely sincere about the organization."

S.B., New York, N.Y.

Just, a word of praise--I received my first copy of THE LADDER a few weeks ago and think you are doing a very worth while service for the multitudes that need a 'breather' every now and then from the common, ordinary pattern of this old world.

"I was interested in your Calendar of Events. Too bad I am so far away--I would love to drop in on one or two of those!

[p. [17]] | [Page Image]

'doos'. I don't suppose you have heard of anything akin to your organization here in Canada? If we could have such meetings it would be quite somethings."

G.H. Toronto, Canada

Sorry, we haven't heard of any such group in Canada.--Ed.

"I received my issue of THE LADDER and have read it through and wish to congratulate you on a wonderful issue. I do not need to tell you that what you are doing is helping us to better understand ourselves.

"I don't know how many male subscribers you have but I think that more fellows should subscribe to your magazine. There is too much dissension between the boys and girls. Even though we are not able to join your club we should have an interest in what you are doing just as you should have an interest in what we are doing, after all we are both working for one goal and we should not be pulling against each other."

G. P., San Francisco, Calif.

THE LADDER has many male subscribers and agrees wholeheartedly that the boys and girls should work together. We are working with the Mattachine Society, which is predominantly male, toward the end of better mutual understanding.--Ed.

"I would like all information as to how I could subscribe to your magazine and where to send donations. By the way, could you tell me where you got the name of Daughters of Bilitis? We have discussed the matter to great length."

J.R., Amarillo, Tex.

The name is taken from "Songs of Bilitis", a narrative poem by Pierre Louys, available in paperback book form.--Ed.

"The publication is excellent. I enjoy reading it and wish to subscribe. The extra money is for the issues you so kindly have already sent me..."

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We were in a


like Margaret O. Richardson

"According to psychiatry, I am maladjusted,
For now and then I find myself
Utterly disgusted.
And while I know the simple reasons
For this melancholy,
The cost of living keeps me broke,
Heck how can I be jolly?"

BUT we've found the
answer now

For when you grow in size and cost you simply have to grow too in

PRICE--from $1.00 to $2.50 per yr.

AND you have one last
chance at the LOW PRICE
OF $1.00

The new rate of $2.50 becomes effective June 1, 1957. Subscriptions to THE LADDER up to two years received prior to this date will be honored at the present dollar rate.

ORDER NOW AND SAVE! Send your check or money order to

693 Mission St., Rm. 308
San Francisco 5, Calif.

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MEMBERSHIP in the DAUGHTERS OF BILITIS may be either a voting or associate membership.

VOTING MEMBERSHIP $5.00 Initiation fee and $1.00 monthly dues. THE LADDER is sent FREE.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: $2.50 initiation fee and .50 monthly dues. THE LADDER is sent FREE. Since most people having this membership are not residents of the area in which meetings are held, copies of business meeting minutes are also mailed to these members
THE LADDER: A monthly publication by the Daughters of Bilitis, Inc., mailed by first class mall in a plain sealed envelope for, $.100 per year
CONTRIBUTIONS are grate fully accepted from anyone who wishes to assist us in our work. We are a non profit corporation working entirely on donated labor. Our fees are not of such amounts as to allow for much expansion of the publication. While men may not. become members of the Daughters of Bilitis, Inc., many have expressed interest in our efforts and our publication, and have made contributions to further our work. Of course, anyone over 21 years of age may subscribe to THE LADDER.
TO BECOME A MEMBER: Write to the Daughters of Bilitis, Inc., Room 308, 693 Mission Street, San Francisco 5, Calif., requesting an application.

TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LADDER: Send $1.00 for one year enclosing
coupon below or facsimile.


I enclose_____ I am 21 years of age or older._____


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