The Ladder, February 1957, Vol. 1, No. 5, pp. 1-20

The Ladder, February 1957, Vol. 1, No. 5

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1. Education of the variant, with particular emphasis on the psychological, physiological and sociological aspects, to enable her to understand herself and make her adjustment to society in all its social, civic and economic implications--this to be accomplished by establishing and maintaining as complete a library as possible of both fiction and non-fiction literature on the sex deviant theme; by sponsoring public discussions on pertinent subjects to be conducted by leading members of the legal, psychiatric, religious and other professions; by advocating a made of behaviour and dress acceptable to society.

2. Education of the public at large through acceptance first of the individual, leading to an eventual breakdown of erroneous conceptions, taboos and prejudices; through public discussion meanings aforementioned; through dissemination of educational literature on the homosexual theme.

3. Participation in research projects by duly authorized and responsible psychology, sociology and other such experts directed towards further knowledge of the homosexual.

Investigation of the penal code as it pertains to the homosexual, proposal of changes to provide an equitable handling of cases involving this minority group, and promotion of these changes through due process of law in the state legislatures.

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Published monthly by the
Daughters of Bilitis, Inc.,
a non--profit corporation,
693 Mission Street, Rm. 308
San Francisco 5, California


President--Helen Sanders
Vice President--Del Martin
Secretary--Jean Peterson
Treasurer--Pat Hamilton
Publications Director--Phyllis Lyon


Editor--Phyllis Lyon
Assistant--Del Martin
Circulation--Bobbi Deming
Production--Helen Sanders


Daughters of Bilitis is now a full-fledged non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of California.

This incorporation is something for which we have been striving since the inception of the group 16 months ago. It was delayed only by a certain lack of funds in the early stages of our growth. As soon as that lack was remedied we took steps to incorporate.

For those who doubted our legality or our permanency we can only say "See, we're incorporated and we're here to stay." Those of us who have been with the Daughters since its first floundering beginnings fee1 a pardonable pride in this step up.

Hard on the heels of news of our incorporation came the word that we now have an office. No longer will our editorial and business projects be spread from one end of the City to the other. For those of us who wasted much time and energy hunting for the letter we wanted to answer, only to find it was

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at someone else's house, this centralization of our work will be a boon indeed. It isn't a large office. But it is a beginning.

From now on you can find us at 693 Mission Street, Room 308, most nights and weekends. We'd love to have you drop by and visit. Perhaps personally we can give you more insight into what we are trying to do than you can find in THE LADDER.

For the present you can reach us via Exbrook 7-0773. This is the phone number of the Mattachine Society who has offices next door and across the hall. Our own private phone is still a future project. Phones cost money, you know.

We're proud of the progress we've made in 16 months. Our membership has risen and the number of subscribers to THE LADDER grows every day. But it still isn't enough.

We won't be satisfied until we reach as many women (and men, too) interested, or who should be interested, in our work as is humanly possible. It may be slow, but it will be sure.

- Phyllis Lyon


This weighty problem will be thoroughly hashed out at the discussion meeting Tuesday, Feb. 26, when a panel of experts in the field, takes over to answer the question.

Dick MacKenzie has many years of experience in personnel and employment agency work; Marjorie Arnold is a social worker who has also worked with personnel and employment over a career of many years; D. Stewart Lucas, president of Mattachine Society, and Helen Sanders, president of the Daughters of Bilitis, have both had much experience both as employees and in counseling homosexuals and others on job problems. Moderator of this discussion, which promises to be one of the most stimulating and helpful of any we have held, will be Dr. Vera Plunkett, who always sheds a great deal of light on any subject.

Plan to attend. You may be worrying needlessly. See page 11 for details of time and place.

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ONE'S Annual Midwinter

Institute Impressive

The tremendous amount of work which is being done by the homophile group in Los Angeles was amply evidenced at the annual Midwinter Institute held by ONE, Inc., January 26-27 in Los Angeles.

More than 100 persons attended the various sessions of the Institute, many of them from out of the Lot Angeles area--and some from out of the state.

These of this year's setting was "The Homosexual Answers His Critics"--and he did a good job of it.


There are at least a dozen arrests per year of Lesbians in the L.A. area, but no record of any appeals to higher courts as a results of these arrests, J.B. Tietz, treasurer of the Southern California division of the American Civil Liberties Union, pointed out. The fact that no appeals have been recorded, Mr. Tietz stated, indicates that Lesbians usually plead guilty, or do not appeal to higher courts when found guilty.

In a brief survey of the law covering homosexuality, the speaker stated that the word homosexual is not mentioned in any legal code. Statutes instead are directed against specific acts, most of which deal with males but which are generally felt to apply equally to females. These so-called illegal acts are equally as illegal when committed by heterosexuals as by homosexuals.


A blueprint of two Methods for combating the anti-homosexual culture which he believes to be prevalent in the Waited "States was offered in a paper prepared for ONE Institute by Dr. Albert Ellis, New York psychologist.

Dr. Ellis listed the two ways as the Palliative Method and the Curative, Method. He believes the first to be the most practical; the second the most sure in results. The following is an outline of these two Methods:

A. The Palliative Method

1. Social-sexual conditions will continue as they are today.

2. Homosexuals will continue to exist.

3. Heterosexuals will continue to penalize homosexuals.

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B. To combat this situation by the Palliative Method the homosexual should:

1. Remain a law-abiding, responsible citizen.

2. Abhor all feelings and actions showing superiority.

3. Refrain from flaunting their sex preference in public.

4. Avoid over-clannishness and single with heterosexuals in as honest and above-board Banner as possible.

5. Resist in-group favoritism and avoid sticking up for people merely because they are homosexual.

6. Accept the realities of life and avoid self-pity.

7. Help police his own group.

8. Try, in a dignified way, to effect changes in the laws.

9. Try to express protests to the public on discrimination against the homosexual and to correct misinformation in the public's mind.

10. Try to remain undogmatic about homosexuality. Keep an open mind and keep up with recent findings in the field. Be able to accept facts which may be contrary to his own beliefs or pro-homosexual bias.

Dr. Ellis feels that the best this method could hope to accomplish would be a lessening of antagonism. It would not bring about maximum results. This next method, he believes, would bring about maximum results but in order to do this would entail a complete revision of the sexual thoughts of all Americans. He calls it a futuristic and Utopian method. However, he states his belief that the day will come--in several centuries perhaps--when people will not scorn, persecute or jail the homosexual. The Curative Method looks to that day.

A. The Curative Method and what can be done about it now

1. Combat puritanism and anti-sexual attitudes of all.

2. Promulgate scientific facts.

3. Sponsor scientific research.

4. The homosexual can combat unfair sanctions by attacking their own exclusive sanctions toward the heterosexual; by ruthlessly attacking unscientific attitudes and admitting that they are not born homosexual but are in some way emotionally disturbed and could be cured to some degree.

5. Stop being pro-homosexual and just be pro-sexual.


In an extremely well-written, scholarly paper, Henry Hay, Los Angeles folklore specialist, sketched the history of homophile life from the dawn of history to the present time.

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Mr. Hay deplored the "conspiracy of silence" which has prompted most scholars in the archaeological, anthropological and historical fields to omit or negate the part played in various cultures by the homophile.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hay's paper was too long and contained far too much information to be covered in a brief article. It is hoped that a copy of this paper can be obtained for the Daughters of Bilitis library and that perhaps permission will be granted to abstract parts for publication in a future issue.


The great mass of misinformation propagated by both the medical and the lay writer, and the general lack of knowledge of the homosexual and his problems, has led ONE, Inc., to form an Institute for undergraduate and graduate study of the subject.

Curriculum of the Institute will include the following courses as tentatively set up:

An Introduction to Homophile Studies, Homosexuals in History, Survey of Psychological Attitudes of Homosexuality, Homosexual Literature and Writers, Sociology of Homosexuality, The Homosexual and the Arts, Religion and Philosophy of the Homosexual.

ONE believes there is a definite need for a specialized Institute which will be able to train experts in the various fields relating to the problem and set up standards to govern research, etc.

Correspondence courses are planned, but these will not be available for some time.

The first semester was scheduled to begin February 4 with one session a week. Further information may be obtained from ONE Institute, 232 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, Calif.


That the heterosexual is having as much trouble freeing himself from the repressions of society's imprint of the Male and Female concept was pointed out by San Francisco's Blanche M. Baker, psychiatrist, in a presentation of "The Circle of Sex" in

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collaboration with Gavin Arthur, San Francisco lecturer, at the Midwinter Institute banquet.

There is a growing awareness of the mixture of the male and female components in each of us, Dr. Baker said, since it is being found that failure to accept the emotional roles as society-conceived Male and Female is a basic disturbance in modern marriage. Many women are becoming more assertive, while the male may be more passive.

The key to the situation for both the homosexual and the heterosexual is self-acceptance, recognition of the male and female balance in the individual and making the most of the tools at hand to bring fulfillment of the potential inherent in each of us, Dr. Baker asserted.

"Nature does not work in straight rigid lines, but rather in cycles or circles," Mr. Arthur stated.

On a chart similar to the familiar color chart, he pointed out the various gradations from the extremes of the sale and the female and from the heterosexual to the homosexual.

Of particular interest to readers of THE LADDER may be Dr. Baker's explanation of the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist (this is a question which is constantly being asked). According to Dr. Baker, "The psychiatrist goes deeper, stays longer and comes up dirtier".


The initiation of the first homosexual news service to promote healthy aims, in the press instead of the usual derogatory (...) was announced by Ann Carll Reid, chairman of ONE, Inc.

Press releases were sent to newspapers all over the country to announce the 1957 Midwinter Institute. One paper responded with a request for ail future releases, she said.

A nationwide telecast of a panel show centered around the work of ONE is being planned. When the program is definitely scheduled, Miss Reid promised that all friends of ONE would be notified.

Another highlight of the year was a visit to ONE by two prison chaplains--one Catholic, one Protestant. According to Miss Reid they were seeking help in coping with the homosexual problem in prison. In their words, she said, "the only person qualified to help the homosexual is the homosexual."

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One of our readers expressed the idea that THE LADDER is a constructive effort towards understanding of the homosexual problem, but questioned the validity of chapters of the Daughters of Bilitis in other cities.

"What would be the purpose!" she asks. "I wonder about your meetings."

A local chapter is to the Daughters of Bilitis as a municipal government is to the United States government. Only so much can be accomplished by the printed word; there must also be the spoken word, the personal contact.

In the field of education there is much room for improving the knowledge of the Lesbian about herself, the problems of adjustment to self and society. The therapy of group discussion of mutual problems, of talking it over with those in similar circumstances, cannot be denied. Letters received by the Daughters from points far and wide certainly indicate a basic need for "someone to talk to". Public discussion meetings with outside speakers from the varied fields of psychology, law, employment and personnel, etc., can be of utmost benefit not only in disseminating another picture of the Lesbian to the public but also in giving the individual another slant toward solving her problem. Very often interested but uninvolved parties can point up a solution that those too close to a problem may tend to overlook.

Perhaps some individuals are able to cope with the problem alone. We doubt that this holds true for very many. There is merit in group activity and group discussion. Recently a well known San Francisco psychologist said, "We wish to command your group on the work they are doing. We are impressed with the high calibre of the people in the group. Keep up the good work. It is only through group activity and working together that the problems of the homosexual minority and society will ever be resolved."

"But try and make them see it!" I replied.

"You must," he insisted. "Just keep trying. Eventually they'll come around.

- Del Martin

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"The Lesbian differs from the so-called normal heterosexual woman only in the choice of her love object. The general public opinion is that homosexuals are mentally ill. This is far from the truth."

So stated Alice LaVere, San Francisco personal adjustment counsellor, speaking before the January public discussion meeting held by the Daughters of Bilitis.

Miss LaVere pointed out that some Lesbians are neurotic, some have schizophrenic tendencies, many are paranoid. But many are stable, well-adjusted and useful citizens. And, she added, the same statement could apply equally well to the heterosexual.

With her husband, George Spillman, Miss LaVere runs the Personal Adjustment Bureau in San Francisco. She has received international acclaim for her work with the emotionally disturbed during her 22 years in the field.

"The public tends to condemn anything unusual. It is popular in America to consider all homosexuals mentally ill, yet there is no evidence to support this theory," she declared.

"It has been my experience in counseling people over the past 22 years that the prevalence of mental illness is found equally between homosexuals and heterosexuals. Falling in love certainly is no illness, yet because the homosexual persists in falling in love with the same sex it is taken for granted that he or she is mentally ill."

Many treatments are now used to cure this "illness", Miss LaVere pointed out. Among them are electric shock, use of herbs and drugs, testosterone (the male hormone), and even lobotomy.

"These treatments have left many emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives," she declared,) adding that they are all practically useless since treatment hinges only on the subject, and the therapist.

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"The Lesbian suffers more from the feeling of being unwanted and shunned than from any illness. Heterosexuals suffer just as much from these feelings. As a group, homophiles and heterophiles face the same social and mental problems, have the same feelings and the same fears."

In addition, the speaker said, Lesbians fear ridicule, rejection and loss of employment if their secret is found out.

All minorities suffer because of the few undesirables in their midst. Thus the "obvious" Lesbians create in the public mind a stereotyped picture of all Lesbians. "But if you act with grace and good sense you have nothing to fear from this picture.

"Negative habits are found in all persons. The Personal Adjustment Bureau's job is to balance all negative habits with positive habits and place the person in a position to enjoy life socially, professionally and personally with a better understanding of life in general.

"Just because you are different in your love object does not mean that you have to. suffer throughout your life because of it," Miss LaVere emphasized.

"The largest problem of the homosexual individual is not his homosexuality as such.

"The big Issue Is his rejection by society, his feelings of guilt, his overcompensation for attention and position in his job, his social position and his society.

"The main object of all people, regardless of their sexual preference, is to be able to live and get along with others. When all who deal with emotional problems accept the premise that homosexuality is not a mental illness but rather a deviation from accepted social behavior great headway will be made in helping the homosexual reach a satisfactory adjustment to himself, his society and his worth to his community."

Through a series of colored slides Miss Latere showed her conceptions of the various negative attitudes plaguing most people. These included fantasy, sensitivity, jealousy, procrastination, mental cowardice, stubbornness, anger and envy. By understanding why these attitudes are with us most people, with proper guidance, can replace them with positive attitudes bringing happiness, self-confidence, patience, tolerance and understanding.

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Sixteen people attended a get-acquainted brunch of the Daughters of Bilitis in The English Room of the New Clark Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 27. After a rundown of the organization's activities to date and plans for the future, enough interest was expressed that immediate steps will be taken to start a provisional chapter in the Los Angeles area. Anyone else who would be interested in joining a local group in Los Angeles should contact us immediately Daughters of Bilitis, 693 Mission St., Room 308, San Francisco 5, Calif.

A chapter in Los Angeles will be the first of many we hop to charter throughout the country,. It is hoped that the next area to be organized will be Mew York. We have had many queries and requests from that vicinity. One of our members has recently moved to New York and it is hoped that as soon as she gets settled she will be able to supervise formation of such a group.

To date we have had a good response from Seattle. Certainly the interest, is there but indications prove that there is still much "fear". It will probably be some time yet before Seattle people are ready to join the movement.


THE LADDER staff is preparing a quarterly publication which includes the first three issues of THE LADDER. This will be ready in the very near future. All persons who have subscribed recently and who stated that they wanted the subscription to start with Volume l, Number l, will receive this quarterly.

Others who would like to have a copy may address their requests to Daughters of Bilitis, Room 308, 693 Mission St., San Francisco 5, Calif., enclosing 50 cents for each copy desired.

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Saturday, Feb. 16 Valentine's Party at 651 Duncan St., 8.30 p.m. $1.20 donation par person. Please phone for reservations by Friday, Feb. 15. (Valencia 4-2790).
Tuesday, Feb. 26 "Employment and the Homosexual" will be the topic of the fifth in a series of discussion meeting on fears plaguing the Lesbian. At 465 Geary St., Studio 51 (fifth floor), 8:l5 p.m. See page 2 for additional information.
Wednesday, March 13 Monthly business meeting at 1030-D Steiner St., 8 p.m. The group welcomes prospective members who wish to attend.
Sunday, March 17 Come on out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day at a get-acquainted brunch 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 651 Duncan St., San Francisco A fine opportunity to meet the members informally and find out more about the Daughters of Bilitis. Phone Valencia 4-2790 by Friday, March 15, for reservations $l.00 per person.
Tuesday, March 26 Monthly discussion meeting at 465 Geary St. Kenneth C. Zwerin, attorney, will discuss the legal status of the Daughters of Bilitis and answer questions those and the law.

Why not circle the above dates on your calendar? It is easy to forget from issue to issue of THE LADDER just when a certain event is scheduled. By marking your calendar you'll be sure not to miss a single activity of the Daughters of Bilitis. We'd be very happy to see you at any of the gatherings. How about it?

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Where did we get your name?

A certain amount of anxiety has been created apparently, by the widespread mailing 11 st of THE LADDER.

We wish to emphatically deny the use of ONE'S mailing list, or that of anyone else, for that matter. We hate literally badgered and bullied everyone we know for names of friends who might be interested in THE LADDER. These friends have sent in names of their friend, and so it grows.

To those of you who thought ONE had broken its pledge to keep its Bailing list inviolate, the answer is that it did not.

If your name, is on our list then a friend of yours sent it along. How about sending us the names of your friends? Each new name is sent three issues of THE LADDER (unless they write us requesting their name be dropped). If after receiving three Issues they do not subscribe their name is dropped.

We welcome any suggestions for additions to this list--your minister, doctor, parents, homosexual or heterosexual friends. The only way we can continue to grow is to spread the word of our activities as widely as possible.


and as it is for a Californian to admit it, our president, Griffin, and our treasurer, Pat Hamilton, are leaving the sunny state for the highly-touted joys of Florida.

Because of her imminent departure Miss Griffin has resigned her office and the Board of Directors has appointed Helen Sanders to fill the vacancy until election time next October. A new treasurer is yet to be chosen.

The organization wishes Miss Griffin and Miss Hamilton well, and thanks them warmly for the fine work they have done for" the Daughters of Bilitis over the past year.

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Rain is my climate,
Sharp and biting as tears
Or softly misting,
Anonymous and strangely warm.
Rain wraps me in a fog blanket
Hiding my face as I search
For another face that is hidden.
Shall we pass each other
Nameless in the night?
Perhaps within a sheltering door
Rain will lend us conversation
And we will find a new world
Together in the rain.


I have heard what I have heard,
Seen what I have seen,
1 have wakened from my dream
Been what I have been.

I have known what I have known.
Lain where I have- lain,
Never will I dreaming sigh,
But know it all again.


A group of limited number is being formed in the San Francisco bay area for a series of discussions on the problem of raising children in a deviant relationship. Anyone interested in joining this group should contact us immediately, as there is room for just six more. Informal discussions will be led by social workers in nursery schools and parent-education. Phone Del Martin--Valencia 4-2790--for your reservation.

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"It appears that your organization's major aims are to bring to heterosexuals a proper understanding of the homosexual and overcome the misconceptions that have caused much grief to member of the sexual minority. And that you seek to help the Lesbian to understand herself and accept herself, without shame, and to realize her worth and her great potentiality. as a person and a force for good in the world... These are also my own aims.

"I seek to help bring these things about by honest presentation I am giving in my new non-fiction book--a book fop the layman, for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. You are seeking to accomplish these same results, it seems by your activities.

"I was willing to go on in my crusade alone. But,--to know that others, such as yourselves, are stirred fey the same hopes and are in their own way taking" action has given me much joy. I am so glad i found out about you..."

Carol Hales, Hollywood, Calif.

Miss Hales is the author of "Wind Woman" a novel on the Lesbian theme, an autographed copy of which she has graciously donated to the club library. A review of this book will: appear in the next issue of THE LADDER, at which time the promised bibliography of Lesbiana will become a regular feature. Those interested in obtaining copies of "Wind Woman" may order through THE LADDER. Send $3.31 to 693 Mission Street, Room 308, San Francisco 5, Calif. Ed,

"I disagree with someone's comment in the 'Letters from Readers' section that perhaps the time isn't quite ripe for such an undertaking. I think the time is ripe, and overripe! There is far too much drivel and misinformation and sensationalism being published now, and entirely too little on the subject that is fair and impartial. If we don't get up and speak our piece and stand up for ourselves, it's our own fault.

"It should be recognized by the public as well as by our own group, that homosexuals come from every strata of society. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors, with all manner of psychological patterns, all types of minds. There are too

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many kinds of homosexuals for them to be classed as a 'type'. Yet that Is exactly what some writers and psychologists seem to be trying to do, and they should know better. The very fact that they attempt to lump all homosexuals together betrays their poverty of experience. Yet they manage to sell articles on the subject because the public is so completely ignorant of it and the editors either don't know or don't care, they are simply looking for something sensational that will sell magazines.

"You have tapped a big field here and I have no doubts at all that your magazine will grow bigger and bettor every year, especially as long as you keep it on the high ethical plans with which it started..."

J.M., Port Orchard, Wash.

"Enclosed please find check for two dollars to cover cost of a two-year subscription to your magazine, THE LADDER.

"Good luck to you in this venture. I am looking forward with considerable interest to the forthcoming issues and the expressed ideas and attitudes of the members of your staff and the contributors."

A.B. Gottlobar, -Ph.D.
Los Angeles, Calif.

"Do you still have a vacant rung left for me to place my own two feet upon? I hope so--and am enclosing a dollar for a year's 'rent' on same!

"Your active work interests me vastly. I greatly admire each of you--not only for the stand you take, but for the fact that you have the courage to make that fact known publicly. Bravo, indeed!"

F.L. Peace Dale, R.I.

You haven't been forgotten--honestly. Your questions were rather overwhelming, and we have been swamped. Have you triad Pageant or Coronet? Letter will follow--eventually. Please have patience. -Ed.

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"While I feel that ONE will be helpful to me in feeling less alone, it seems that a magazine basically by and for others in the same group as I am would be even more helpful in overcoming the lost and lonesome feelings I seem prey to at times."

B.M., Battle Creek, Mich.

"Enclosed is $1.00 for which please enter my subscription to THE LADDER.

"I am a reader of Lyle Stuart's. THE INDEPENDENT and am in whole-hearted support of broad-minded approaches to any subject. At least, I have a craving for information that will help to solve some of the problems of human nature."

M.M., Moses Lake, Wash.


THE LADDER is growing. In fact, it is expanding far more rapidly than we ever dreamed possible when the first mimeographed copy was sailed out just five months ago.

We want to keep the quality high and the content varied. We want to publish more fiction, more poems more articles and more pages.

To do this we need more material. Your contributions will be gratefully considered. We can't promise to publish everything we receive, but all manuscripts will be carefully read and considered for publication.

The main thing is to keep such manuscripts within the length limits dictated by our format.

Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so that we may return your manuscript if it is not used.


It is far easier to be kind than to be wise, For the heart compared to brain, exceeds in size.

- Margaret O. Richardson

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MEMBERSHIP in the DAUGHTERS OF BILITIS may be either a voting or associate membership.

TOTING MEMBERSHIPS: $.5.00 initiation on fee and $1.00 monthly dues. THE LADDER is sent FREE.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: $2.50 Initiation fee and .50 monthly dues, THE LADDER is sent FREE. Since most people having this membership are not residents of the area in which meetings are help, copies of business meeting minutes are also mailed to these members.
THE LADDER: A monthly publication by the Daughters of Bilitis. Inc., mailed by first class mail in a plain sealed envelope, for $1.00 per year.
CONTRIBUTIONS: are gratefully accepted from anyone who wishes to assist us in our work. We area non-profit corporation working entirely on donated labor our fees are not of such amounts as to allow for much expansion of the publication. While men may not become member of the Daughters of Bilitis, Inc., many have expressed interest in our and our publication and have made contributions to further our work. Of course, anyone over 21 years of age may subscribe to THE LADDER.
TO BECOME A MEMBER: write to the Daughters of Bilitis, Inc., Room 308, 693 Mission Street, San Francisco 5, Calif., requesting an application. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LADDER: Sand $1.00 for one year enclosing coupon below or facsimile.


I enclose _____I am 21 years of age or older.


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