Document 35: Anna Kelton Wiley to Members of the Constitution Group, 14 January 1950, Caroline Lexow Babcock and Olive E. Hurlburt Papers, 1906-1961, A-117, Box 7, Folder 109, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.


   Anna Kelton Wiley now endorsed the direction that Kitchelt had long advocated, cooperating with Senator Guy Gillette, whom Kitchelt had sought as an ally, who believed that the ERA would not necessarily undo protective labor legislation. (See Document 12) Wiley also trusted Kitchelt as the group's treasurer.



"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the
United States or by any State on account of sex

51 Mill Rock Road New Haven 11, Connecticut Telephone 6-7366

Mrs. KATHARINE H. HEPBURN, Honorary Chairman
Dr. LENA MADESIN PHILLIPS, Honorary Chairman
Mrs. JOSEPHA WHITNEY, Honorary Chairman

Miss JANE GRANT, Vice-Chairman
Dr. MILLICENT POND, Vice-Chairman

Mrs. RANDY C. WILEY, Recording Secretary
Mrs. RAYMOND P. COLLINS, Corresponding Secretary
Miss ELLIE F. ADAMS, Treasurer


Mrs. Franklin P. Adamas
Dr. E. Wight Bakke
Dr. David N. Beach
Mr. Michael V. Blansfield
Mr. Leight Danenberg
Mrs. Edna Edgerton
Miss Geraldine Farrar
Mrs. Mary E. Flynn
Prof. Myra E. Foster
Mrs. Bernard F. Gimbel
Mrs. Bernard H. Matthies
Secy. Winifred McDonald
Hon. John A. McGuire
Hon. James T. Patterson
Mrs. Frances B. Redick
Mr. Johnson Stoddard
Dr. Loyd F. Worley


Mrs. Caroline Lexow Babcock
Mrs. Sidney C. Borg
Hon. Orlo M. Brees
Hon. Homer Cummings
Dean M. Eunice Hilton
Judge Sarah T. Hughes
Miss Alma Lutz
Miss Jeannette Marks
Mr. Carey McWilliams
Mr. Hollister Noble
Judge Libby E. Sachar
Hon. Katharine St. George
Mr. Harrison Smith
Mr. David Stock
Dr. Goodwin Watson
Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley

2345 Ashmead Place N.W., Washington, D.C.
January 14, 1950

Dear Member of the Constitution Group:

    The Equal Rights Amendment may come up for a vote in the Senate within the next few days. Please read the inclosed statement by Senator Guy M. Gillette, Chief Sponsor in the Senate, which he gave out several months ago. His prediction is now coming true. Following favorable action in the Senate, which we anticipate, the Amendment may come up for discussion in the House.

    Do you not think that we, the members of the Constitution Group, should join forces with the Connecticut Committee for the Equal Rights Amendment, headed by Mrs. Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 51 Mill Rock Road, New Haven 11, Connecticut? The Connecticut Committee has functioned successfully for a number of years and is well supported in the State of Connecticut, as well as nationally. Let us remember the old adage that "In Union there is strength."

    Any contribution to the Connecticut Committee on the Equal Rights Amendment for necessary expenses of the coming campaign in Congress will be appreciated and should be sent to the Connecticut Committee for the Equal Rights Amendment, in care of its Chairman, Mrs. Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 51 Mill Rock Road, New Haven 11, Connecticut. A letter of appreciation to Senator Gillette and letters to any of the Senators on the opposed or doubtful lists would be appreciated. The latter must go out immediately.

Sincerely yours,
[signed] Anna Kelton Wiley
(Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley)

Senators said to be opposed

Byrd (Harry Flood) D. Va.
Connally (Tom) D., Texas
Eastland (Jemes O.) D., Miss.
Ellender (Allen J.) D., La.
Donnell (Forrest, C.) R., Mo.
Hayden (Carl) D., Ariz.
Hill (Lister) D., Ala.
Holland (Spossard L.) D., Fla.
Johnson (Edwin C.) D., Colo.
Johnson (Lyndow B.) D., Texas
Johnston (Olin D.) D., So.Car.
Maybank (Burnet R.) D., So. Car.
Milliken (Eugene D.) R., Colo.
Robertson (A. Willis) D., Va.
Russell (Richard B.) D., Ga.
Sparkman (John J.) D., Ala.
Teylow (Glen H.) D., Idaho

Senators on doubtful list

Anderson (Clinton P.) D., New Mex.
Brewster (Owen) R., Maine
Chapman (Virgil) D., Ky.
Leahy (Edw. L.) D., Rhode Island
Lehmann (Herbert H.) D., New York
Long (Russell B.) D., La.
Morse (Waynew) R., Oregon
Murray (Jas. E.) D., Mont.
Shoeppel (Andrew F.) R., Kans.

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