Document 18: Excerpt from "Tokyo fujin kyofukai dai-enzetsu kai [Tokyo WCTU's Great Public Speech Meeting]," Jogaku zasshi 64 (14 May 1887): 80. Translated by Rumi Yasutake.


   For Toyojyu Sasaki and other Tokyo WCTU members, a woman's right to speak in public became increasingly important. When the Tokyo WCTU held its second great public meeting on 13 May 1887, however, it again kept all the speakers male. The following is a short report on this Tokyo WCTU meeting that appeared in Jogaku zasshi.

Japanese-language original

   Yesterday, from seven thirty in the afternoon on May 13, the great public speech meeting was held by the Tokyo WCTU at Koseikan [Kosei Hall]. Three men gave speeches; Mr. Mitsuta Hoshino (Reform in Sprit), Mr. Tsuneyasu Hiraiwa (Woman's Occupation), Mr. Tsuneteru Miyagawa (Woman's Responsibility). . . .

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