Document 16: "Dainikai jogaku enzetsu [The Second Woman's Learning Public Speeches]," Jogaku zasshi 62 (30 April 1887): 38. Translated by Rumi Yasutake.


   To support Sasaki's efforts in breaking women's silence, Iwamoto's Jogaku zasshi again decided to sponsor a public meeting on 2 May 1887, inviting Sasaki and another Tokyo WCTU member as well as American missionary women to give speeches. Importantly, however, as at the first public meeting on 15 July 1886, he limited the audience of the meeting to women (see Document 7).

Japanese-language original

The Second Woman's Learning Public Speeches

   Our company has the bylaws to occasionally sponsor a lecture meeting for woman's learning upon necessity. We held the first meeting of a series by inviting Mrs. Leavitt last year, but have postponed convening the subsequent meeting until today with reasons. However, we finally decided to have the second meeting next month on May 2. It will start at one o'clock in the afternoon at Kosei Hall in Kobiki-cho. The speakers will be Dr. Kelsey of School at 220 in Yokohama [American Mission Home at 212 Bluff, Yokohama], Mrs. True of Tokyo Sakurai Jogakko [Bancho School] in Tokyo, and Mrs. Miya Ebina and Mrs. Toyo Sasaki, both the Tokyo WCTU members. The (English) speeches will be interpreted by Mitsuko Suzuki, graduate of Yokohama 220 School, and Eiko Minao, teacher of Bancho School. We do not issue any public observer tickets, but limit the audiences to women. Those sisters, who have an interest, please come and have the honor of listening to their speeches.

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