Why Did the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Campaign against Chemical Warfare, 1915-1930?

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The Debate Over Chemical Warfare

Document 1: "Germans Use Blinding Gas to Aid Poison Fumes," 27 April 1915

Document 2: "French Mowed Down in Flight From Gas Rain," 28 April 1915

Document 3: Letter to the Editor, "War No Parlor Game," 28 April 1915

Document 4: "Moral Aspects of Asphyxiation," June 1915

Document 5: "Personal Glimpses: German Gas-Attacks," July 1917

Document 6: "’Viper’ Weapons," December 1921

Document 7: Amos Fries and Clarence West, "The Future of Chemical Warfare," 1921



International WILPF Committee on Chemical Warfare

Image 1: Käthe Kollwitz, "The Survivors," 1923

Document 8: "Newsletter from Geneva," November 1924

Document 9: Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee Against Scientific Warfare, 4 May 1925

Document 10: Report on the Work of the Committee Against Scientific Warfare, 4 May 1925

Document 11: Gertrud Woker, The Next War, A War of Poison Gas, [before 1927]

Document 12: Paul Langevin, "Declaration: For Signature by Scientific Men and Women," 1929

Document 13: Letter from Naima Sahlbom to National Sections, 25 November 1929

Document 14: Modern Methods of Warfare and the Protection of the Civil Population, 1929



WILPF U.S. Section Activities to Outlaw Chemical Warfare

Document 15: Cartoon: "Do You Mean to Say I’ve Got to Raise the Family on This?" [1921]

Document 16: Flyer: "Tell the Child the Truth about these things!"  [early 1920s]

Document 17: Statement of Mrs. Harriet Connor Brown on World Disarmament before the Committee on Military Affairs, House of Representatives, 11 January 1921

Document 18: Statements by Members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom on Reduction of the Army before the Senate Subcommittee on Appropriations, 18 April 1922

Document 19: Letter from Dorothy Detzer to Dr. Charles Parsons, 19 March 1925

Document 20: Can We Outlaw Poison Gas? [1927]

Document 21: "International Economics versus National Politics," 1930

Document 22: Cartoon: "Wanted: Millions of the Young," early 1930s





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