How Did Oberlin Women Students Draw on Their College Experience to
Participate in Antebellum Social Movements, 1831-1861?

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Getting to Oberlin: Backgrounds and Experiences of Early Women
in Oberlin College and Colony

Document 1: Maria Deforest Rudd, "Mrs. Rudd's Address to the Female Colchester Society," circa 1811

Document 2: Mary Mahan to Theodore Dwight Weld, 21 February 1836

Document 3: Sally Rudd to Caroline Mary Rudd, 26 March 1836

Document 4: Hannah Maria Warner to Andrew Warner Jr., 15 March 1841

Document 5A: Mary Sheldon, "Dueling," 31 May 1842

Document 5B: Mary Sheldon,"Tight Lacing," 7 June 1842

Document 5C: Mary Sheldon,"Women and Politics," 26 September 1848


Social Movements and Social Commitments:
Women and Their Organizations in Antebellum Oberlin

Document 6A: 1840 Annual Report of the Oberlin Female Moral Reform Society

Document 6B: 1855 Annual Report of the Oberlin Female Moral Reform Society

Document 7: Mary Sheldon, "Our Duty to the Oppressed," 28 May 1850

Document 8: By-Laws of The Young Ladies Literary Society, 1859 -1863


Oberlin Women of Color and the Struggle for Racial Equality

Document 9A: Harriet Beecher Stowe to Mrs. Cowles, 4 August 1852

Document 9B: Harriet Beecher Stowe to Mary Edmondson, 2 October 1852

Document 9C: Emily Edmondson to Mr. and Mrs. Cowles, 3 June 1853

Document 10: Records of the Proceedings of The Ladies Board, 21 July 1851

Document 11A: Lucy Woodcock to Harry E. Woodcock, 20 December 1859

Document 11B: Lucy Woodcock to Harry E. Woodcock, 30 December 1862

Document 11C: Lucy Woodcock to Harry E. Woodcock, 28 November 1863

Document 12A: Marianne Parker Dascomb to Reverend George Whipple, 19 September 1865

Document 12B: Louisa L. Alexander to Reverend George Whipple, 5 October 1865

Document 12C: Reverend Francis L. Cardozo to Samuel Hunt, 1865


Testing the Limits: Oberlin Women and the Struggle to Make Their Own Case

Document 13A: Mary Jane Churchill to Brother and Sister, 27 January 1850

Document 13B: Emily Pillsbury Burke to Board of Trustees of Oberlin College,1850

Document 14: Mary Raley Photograph

Document 15: Frances Hazen, "Young Women," 1859

Document 16: “Joint Education,” Oberlin Evangelist 1861

Document 17: "Commencement Exercises," Oberlin Evangelist 1861




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