Why Did Colorado Suffragists Fail to Win the Right to Vote in 1877,
but Succeed in 1893?

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Document 1: "Judge Bromwell’s Minority Report on Suffrage: Read, Ordered Printed, And Laid on the Table for Future Consideration," 8 February 1876

Document 2: Albina L. Washburne, "Annual Meeting, American Woman Suffrage Association: Colorado Report," 7 October 1876

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Document 4: Albina L. Washburn, "Minority Report of Committee on Woman Suffrage," 1 September 1877

Document 5: "Gone Up," 9 October 1877

Document 6: Election Results of the 1877 Woman Suffrage Referendum, 1 December 1877

Document 7: Henry B. Blackwell, "The Lesson of Colorado," 20 October 1877

Document 8: Katie Thompson, "Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Colorado," 1879

Document 9: Caroline Nichols Churchill, "Women at School Elections," March 1881

Document 10: "Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Colorado," 1891

Document 11: Albina L. Washburn, "Colorado Suffrage Items," 27 August 1892

Document 12: Exchange between W.C.T.U. President Frances Willard and Governor John Routt, 1892

Document 13: Woman Suffrage Bill Passed at the Ninth Session of the Colorado General Assembly, Approved 7 April 1893

Document 14: Caroline Nichols Churchill, “Woman’s Suffrage,” 26 April 1893

Document 15: Eliza J. Patrick, “Colorado Women Moving,” 2 September 1893

Document 16: Minnie J. Reynolds, “The Chance in Colorado,” 2 September 1893

Document 17: “Mrs. Chapman in Colorado,” 16 September 1893

Document 18: Mrs W.H. Wrigley, “Department of Franchise Report: Colorado,” 1893

Document 19: "Anti-Woman Suffrage: Don’t Fail to Read This," 1893

Document 20: "To The Woman of Colorado," 1893

Document 21: Colorado Equal Suffrage Association Leaflet, 1893

Document 22: “Don’t Forget the Women When You Vote on Tuesday,” 5 November 1893

Document 23: “To the Women of Colorado: The Record of the Parties on the Equal Suffrage Amendment,” November 1893

Document 24: “The Ideal--The Real,” 10 November 1893

Document 25: Caroline Nichols Churchill, “Suffrage Enthusiasm: Western Women Wild With Joy Over Colorado’s Election,” 29 November 1893

Document 26: “Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Colorado,” 27 December 1893

Document 27: Elizabeth Piper Ensley, “Election Day,” 9 June 1894

Document 28: Ellis Meredith, “What It Means to Be an Enfranchised Woman,” August 1908

Document 29: “A Colorado Voter’s View,” March 1909

Document 30: Martha Wentworth Suffren, “Suffrage in Denver: Women’s Vote Has Achieved a Great Reform, Says Mrs. Suffren,” 25 June 1912





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