How Did the Los Angeles Woman's Building Keep Feminism Alive, 1970-1991?

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Document 1: Judy Chicago, Sheila de Bretteville, and Arlene Raven, "Feminist Studio Workshop," ca. 1972.

Document 2: Eyebolt necklace produced by members of the Feminist Studio Workshop, ca. 1973.

Document 3A: Sheila de Bretteville hanging up her Pink broadsheet in the streets, ca. 1974.

Document 3B: Sheila de Bretteville, Pink, ca. 1974.

Document 3C: Detail from Sheila de Bretteville's Pink broadsheet, ca. 1974.

Document 4: "March 20-30 Spring Conferences," Woman's Building flyer, ca. March 1975.

Document 5: Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz, Three Weeks in May, 8-29 May 1977.

Document 6: Video production still from Leslie Labowitz, Record Companies Drag Their Feet, 30 August 1977.

Document 7: "Lesbian Art Project," Woman's Building Calendar, September 1977.

Document 8: Still from Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz, In Mourning and In Rage, 13 December 1977.

Document 9A: "Demographic Data," ca. 1978-1979.

Document 9B: "Results of 1987 Membership Survey," 1987.

Document 9C: "1991-92 Institutional Advancement Grant Application," ca. 1990.

Document 10: Cheri Gaulke with Feminist Art Workers, This Ain't No Heavy Breathing, 23-26 March 1978.

Document 11A: Woman's Building flyer advertising The Waitresses, Ready to Order, 25 April-1 May 1978.

Document 11B: Jaime Wildman as Wonder Waitress in Ready to Order, 25 April-1 May 1978.

Document 11C: Ann Gauldin as the Waitress Goddess Diana in Ready to Order, 25 April-1 May 1978.

Document 11D: Denise Yarfitz, "The Great Goddess Diana," script from Ready to Order, 25 April-1 May 1978.

Document 12: Feminist Art Workers postcard documenting Heaven or Hell, June 1979.

Document 13: Money created as props for Bill of Rights, January 1980.

Document 14: Poster advertising The Great American Lesbian Art Show, late April 1980.

Document 15: Photograph of Suzanne Shelton and Maurine Renville, November 1980.

Document 16: "Possible CR or Discussion Topics," ca. 1981.

Document 17: "Cultural Heritage Questions," ca. 1981.

Document 18A: Linda Nishio, Cheap Talk, 1980.

Document 18B: Linda Nishio, Kikoemasa ka? (Can you hear me?), 1982.

Document 18C: Linda Nishio, Ghost in the Machine, 1983.

Document 18D: Excerpt from Linda Nishio, oral history with Michelle Moravec, 13 December 1992.

Document 19A: Sisters of Survival performing Civil Defense: A Grave Mistake, ca. 1982.

Document 19B: Sisters of Survival performing End of the Rainbow, Spring 1983.

Document 20A: Postcard announcing Celebrating Our Heroines, 1985.

Document 20B: Alice B. Toklas postcard for Celebrating Our Heroines, 1985.

Document 20C: Zora Neale Hurston postcard for Celebrating Our Heroines, 1985.

Document 20D: Lillian Gish postcard for Celebrating Our Heroines, 1985.

Document 21A: Marilyn Gottschall to Dr. Sondra Hale, September 1986.

Document 21B: Terry Wolverton to Marilyn Gottschall, 2 October 1986.

Document 22A: Flyer advertising Work/Lives in the Graphic Arts: Linda Vallejo and Teresa Vasquez Woodward, 26 March 1980.

Document 22B: Flyer advertising Black History Month, February 1981.

Document 22C: Flyer advertising El Dia de los Muertos, ca. October 1990.

Document 23: Adolfo V. Nodal to Kathy Clark, 17 June 1991.

Document 24: "Letter from the Board of Directors," Woman's Building Newsletter, June/July 1991.

Document 25: Excerpt from Cheri Gaulke, interview with Michelle Moravec, 6 August 1992.

Document 26: Excerpt from Arlene Raven, interview with Cheri Gaulke, 19 September 1992.

Document 27: Excerpt from Eloise Klein Healy, interview with Michelle Moravec, 2 October 1992.



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