What Perspectives Did African American Advocates Bring to the Birth Control Movement and How Did Those Perspectives Shape the History of the Harlem Branch Birth Control Clinic?

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Document 1: W. E. B. Du Bois, "Opinion," October 1922

Document 2: Morris Waldman to Jacob Billikopf (Billie), 21 June 1929

Document 3: Margaret Sanger to Morris Waldman, 2 July 1929

Document 4: James H. Hubert, Executive Director of New York Urban League, to Margaret Sanger, 16 October 1929

Document 5: Board of Directors, Hope Day Nursery to Margaret Sanger, 23 October 1929

Document 6: Margaret Sanger to William Fuerst of the New York Foundation, 20 November 1929

Document 7: James Hubert to Margaret Sanger, 4 December 1930

Document 8: Margaret Sanger to Antoinette Field, 8 December 1930

Document 9: Margaret Sanger to Nathan Levin, Comptroller of the Rosenwald Fund, 29 December 1930

Document 10: Margaret Sanger to Prospective Advisory Council members, 13 May 1931

Document 11: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 20 May 1931

Document 12: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 17 June 1931

Document 13: "Can You Afford to Have a Large Family?" Harlem Branch clinic flyer, ca. 1932

Document 14: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 23 March 1932

Document 15: Hannah Stone, Medical Director of the Clinical Research Bureau, to Margaret Sanger, 27 March 1932

Document 16: M. O. Bousfield to Michael Davis, Rosenwald Fund, 9 April 1932

Document 17A: George S. Schuyler, "Quantity or Quality," June 1932

Document 17B: W. E. B. Du Bois, "Black Folk and Birth Control," June 1932

Document 17C: Charles S. Johnson, "A Question of Negro Health," June 1932

Document 17D: Elmer A. Carter, "Eugenics for the Negro," June 1932

Document 17E: M. O. Bousfield, "Negro Public Health Work Needs Birth Control," June 1932

Document 17F: Walter A. Terpenning, "God's Chillun," June 1932

Document 17G: S. J. Holmes, "The Negro Birth Rate," June 1932

Document 17H: Constance Fisher, "The Negro Social Worker Evaluates Birth Control," June 1932

Document 17I: W. G. Alexander, "A Medical Viewpoint," June 1932

Document 17J: Norman Himes, "Clinical Service for the Negro," June 1932

Document 17K: Walter F. Willcox, "Changes in Negro and White Birth Rates," June 1932

Document 18: Letter to the editor by Peter Marshall Murray, president of the National Medical Association, July/August 1932

Document 19: "Fad Demands Few in Family Today: Dr. Harold Ellis Speaks to Group on the Wisdom of Birth Control," 5 September 1932

Document 20: "The Feminist Viewpoint," 5 September 1932

Document 21: "Suggestions Approved by Mrs. Sanger: New Program for Harlem Branch," 18 October 1932

Document 22: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 25 October 1932

Document 23: Lucien Brown, "Keeping Fit," 12 November 1932

Document 24: "Debate on Birth Control Attracts Much Interest," 23 November 1932

Document 25: W. Adrian Freeman, "How Do You Feel?" 3 December 1932

Document 26: Willa Murray, "Report--Tea for Social Workers in Harlem," 18 January 1933

Document 27: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 25 January 1933

Document 28A: Florence Rose to Mrs. Frederick Brooks, 25 January 1933

Document 28B: "A Few Typical Cases" at the Harlem Branch of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, ca. 1930

Document 29: "Questions Asked After Lecture by Dr. Levinson at New York Urban League," 26 January 1933

Document 30: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 31 March 1933

Document 31: Emmy Jenkins, "Monthly Report of Social Work," March 1933

Document 32A: Margaret Ensign to Willa Murray, 20 April 1933

Document 32B: Helena Williams to Margaret Sanger, 27 March 1933

Document 33: Emmy Jenkins to Margaret Sanger, 5 January 1934

Document 34: Hazel Zborowski to Margaret Sanger, 30 April 1934

Document 35: James Hubert to Helen Davis, 25 June 1934

Document 36: Marie Levinson Warner, "Birth Control and the Negro," 1934

Document 37: Mabel Staupers to Margaret Sanger, 13 March 1935

Document 38: Resume of the Meeting Held at 515 Madison Avenue, American Birth Control Office, 28 May 1935

Document 39: Margaret Sanger to James Hubert, 11 June 1935

Document 40: Mabel Staupers to Margaret Sanger, 2 August 1935

Document 41: Margaret Sanger to Mabel Staupers, 7 August 1935

Document 42: Allison Pierce Moore, president of the ABCL, to Hannah Stone, 1 February 1936

Document 43: Allison Pierce Moore to Mabel Staupers, 28 February 1936



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