How Did the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and Chinese Garment Workers Unite to Organize the 1938 National Dollar Stores Strike?

Document List




Document 1: Rose Pesotta, "Subterranean Sweatshops in Chinatown," 1944

Document 2: Heng Tang Zhang, "The Crisis and Future of the Chinese Garment Industry," 10 and 11 April 1935

Document 3: Letter from Jennie Matyas to the editor of Chinese Digest, July 1937

The Strike

Document 4: "Why Do We Join the Union?" [January 1938]

Document 5: "Bilinguistic Labor Ballot Makes Bow," [January 1938]

Document 6: Bilingual Ballot, January 1938

Document 7: Petition for Investigation and Certification of Representatives, 24 January 1938

Document 8: Jennie Matyas, Press Release, 26 February 1938

Document 9: "A Letter to Public Regarding the Strike," 26 February 1938

Document 10: "Chinese Local Pickets Plant, Three Stores," 27 February 1938

Document 11: "Chinese Girl Strikers Picket Dollar Stores," 4 March 1938

Document 12: "First Chinese Dress Strike Stirs San Francisco Labor," 15 March 1938

Document 13: Letter from Chinese Six Compaines to Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers Union, Golden Gate Manufacturing Company, and National Dollar Stores, 17 March 1938

Document 14: Unfair Labor Practice Charge, 16 March 1938

Document 15: "Stores Win Picket Ban," 20 March 1938

Document 16: "Labor Strike in Chinatown: Offical Statements of Parties Involved," April 1938

Document 17: Letter from Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Local #341, to Workers and Union Members, 1 May 1938

Document 18: "Evidence of National Dollar Stores Attempt to Break Up Union During Organization Period," [May 1938]

Document 19: Agreement between ILGWU and Golden Gate Manufactureing Company, 8 June 1938

Document 20: Agreement between ILGWU and National Dollar Stores and Golden Gate Manufacturing Company, 8 June 1938

Document 21: "Garment Factory Strike Settled," 9 June 1938

After the Strike

Document 22: "Pickets Still Block Garment Factory," 13 July 1938

Document 22: "Green Asks AFL Organizers to Quit Garment Field Here," 13 July 1938

Document 23: Jennie Matyas, "Chinatown Turns Union: Against Overwhelming Obstacles, San Francisco's Oriental Dressmakers Build An Organization," 15 August 1938

Document 24A: Invitation to Banquet held on 21 August 1938

Document 24B: "Chinese Local Marks Opening of New Office in San Francisco," 15 September 1938

Document 25: Enzo Grassi and Fred Schmidt, "NY Dressmakers Visit Chinese Shop," 15 September 1938

Document 26: Jennie Matyas, "Pres. Dubinsky Reaches Coast," [October 1938]

Document 27: "The Chinese Local Extends Greetings," January 1939

Document 28: Golden Gate Manufacturing Company to the Chinese Ladies' Garment Wokers ILGWU Local No. 341, 6 May 1939

Document 29: Excerpt from an Oral History with Jennie Matyas, 1955


Image 1: Jennie Matyas and Willie Gee

Image 2: Chinese Ladies Garment Workers No. 341, 22 Janaury 1938

Image 3: Its First Big Labor Dispute, 27 February 1938

Image 4: Picketing Women in Chinatown's Labor Movement, [March 1938]

Image 5: Children of Chinese ILGWU Strikers, [March 1938]

Image 6: International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union meeting, [1944]



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