How Did Iowa Coalitions Campaign for the
Equal Rights Amendment in 1980 and 1992?

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1980 Iowa ERA Campaign Publications

Document 1: "The Iowa Equal Rights Amendment: What It Is and What It Is Not"

Document 2: "The Iowa Equal Rights Amendment: What effect will it have . . . . ?"

Document 3: "How Will Iowa's Equal Rights Amendment Affect . . . ?"

Document 4: "When You Know the Facts About the Iowa Equal Rights Amendment . . . ."

Document 5: "What Does the Iowa Equal Rights Amendment Say?"

Document 6: "This is Ruth, 1973"

Document 7: "Reverence for Life Means Reverence for Equality"

Document 8A: "Iowa ERA, General Election, Erma Bombeck," 1980

Document 8B: "Iowa ERA, Coalition State Amendment Vote, Erma Bombeck," 1980

Document 8C: "Iowa Equal Rights Amendment," 1980

Document 9A: "Homemaker," NOW/ERA Referendum Committee, 1980

Document 9B: "56 Cents," NOW/ERA Referendum Committee, 1980


1992 Iowa ERA Campaign Publications

Document 10: "Don't Let Them Take Away Your Rights!"

Document 11:"Some People Say. . . . The Facts Are. . . ."

Document 12: "Equality of Men and Women is No Longer Open to Debate"

Document 13: "Pat Robertson and the Far Right Have Declared War on Iowa Women"

Document 14: "Cheating Older Women Out of Their Pensions is a Crime. In Iowa It's Legal"

Document 15: "Equality of Rights for Women and Men: Yes on #1!"

Document 16: "Vote YES Amendment 1: Equality Pays!"

Document 17: Radio Advertisement read by Abigail Van Buren

Document 18A: "ERA Stats script," 1992

Document 18B: "Rights or persons. All men are by nature, free and equal," 1992

Document 18C: "Women's Equality Campaign, Religious Right Opposition," 1992

Document 18D: "Women's Equality Campaign, Opposition," 1992

Document 19: Radio Advertisements read by Harold Hughes




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