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Document 1: Bernardine Smith to National Offices of League of Women Voters, 14 April 1943

Document 2: Mrs. Adelyn Kimball Hunt to Iowa League of Women Voters, 18 April 1943

Document 3: Florence Kirlin to Bernardine Smith, 27 April 1943

Document 4: Helen G. Irwin, "Facts all Women Should Know Regarding the Proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution," 1943

Document 5: "Equal Rights: How Not to Get Them," 1943

Document 6: "Legislative Situation on the Equal Rights Amendment as of November 1, 1944," November 1944

Document 7: Lois Van Alstine Holler, "Are We Doing Our Job?" Action, May 1947

Document 8: House Resolution 2007: A Bill, 17 February 1947

Document 9: "The Status of Women: Need for a National Policy," 1 April 1947

Document 10: Laura DeGowin to Governor Robert D. Blue, 18 November 1947

Document 11: Governor Robert D. Blue to Laura DeGowin, 1 December 1947

Document 12: "Statement of Miss Mary Anderson Before a Subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and Labor in Support of H.R. 1584," 18 May 1950

Document 13: Helen Virden, "Are We Measuring Up -- In the Ramparts We Build?" 1954

Document 14: "Citizens' Rights: The Right to Vote," 1955




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