Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women's Organizations in the 1920s:
How Was the Debate Shaped by the Expansion of the American Military?

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Document 1: Anne Rogers Minor, "A Message From the President General," November 1921

Document 2: Anne Rogers Minor, "A Message From the President General," December 1921

Document 3: Catherine E. Marshall to Jane Addams, 5 October 1921

Document 4: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, "Manifesto on Disarmament," 1921

Document 5: Helen C. Travis to Jane Addams, 2 May 1924

Document 6: Jane Addams to Helen C. Travis, 5 June 1924

Document 7: Daughters of the American Revolution to Jane Addams, ca. July 1924

Document 8: Emily Greene Balch to the Kaskia Chapter, DAR, 10 July 1924

Document 9: Dorothy Detzer to the Monahan Post, American Legion, 14 June 1926

Document 10: Mrs. I.E. Evans to Jane Addams, ca. February 1927

Document 11: D.A.R. "Dossier" on Jane Addams

Document 12: Emily Greene Balch to Mrs. I.E. Evans, 18 February 1927

Document 13: Carrie Chapman Catt to Jane Addams, 26 May 1927

Document 14: Jane Addams to Carrie Chapman Catt, 31 May 1927

Document 15: Carrie Chapman Catt, "An Open Letter to the D.A.R.," July 1927

Document 16: Grace H. Brosseau, "National Defense Work of D.A.R. Upheld: The President General Replies to Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt," August 1927

Document 17: "Editorial Comment on the D.A.R.," July 1927

Document 18: Mrs. William Sherman Walker, "Adequate National Defense Versus a National Peace Department," December 1927

Document 19: Grace H. Brosseau, "Address to the Third Women's Patriotic Conference on National Defense," 1 February 1928

Document 20: Helen Tufts Bailie, "Our Threatened Heritage: A Letter to the Daughters of the American Revolution," 5 April 1928

Document 21: Political Cartoons appearing in The Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, 1927-1930

Document 22: Mrs. William Sherman Walker, "Our Peace Establishment: The Navy," October 1929



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