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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, founded in 1909, is still active. They continue to provide legal support for class action and other lawsuits regarding racial discrimination, work to lobby local and federal legislators, and "[stand] poised to defend civil rights wherever and whenever they are threatened."

Mary B. Talbert

The State University of New York at Buffalo maintains a website related to regional African-American history from 1700 to 2000, African American History of Western New York. On this page, they provide a chronology of Mary B. Talbert's education and political activities, including her writings for the NAACP's Crisis magazine, and her connections to the women's rights movement.

Without Sanctuary: Photo Collections

This extraordinary website is the result of James Allen's twenty-five years of research into the visual legacy of American lynchings. On this site, and in the corresponding book Allen edited, Withount Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America, Essays by Hilton Als, John Lewis, and Leon F. Litwack (Twin Palms Publishers, 2000), is a graphic reminder of America's violent history of race relations. According to the New York Times review (13 January 2000), "[these images] give one a deeper and far sadder understanding of what it has meant to be white and to be black in America. And what it still means." Please be warned of the graphic content of this website.


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