How Did Black Women in the NAACP
Promote the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, 1918-1923?

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Document 1: Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, 1918

Document 2: Mr. Storey's Secretary to Mrs C.J. Walker, 10 May 1919

Document 3: Press Service of the NAACP, Press Release: "Senator France, Representative Dyer to Urge Federal Anti-Lynching Law," 29 November 1920

Document 4: "Fights Lynching with Fruit Cake," 5 January [year unknown]

Document 5: Herbert J. Seligmann, Publicity Memo, 27 June 1922

Document 6: Mary B. Talbert to James Weldon Johnson, 30 June 1922

Document 7: "The Anti-Lynching Crusaders: The Lynching of Women," [1922]

Document 8: "Plan Organization of 1,000,000 Women to Stop Lynching in United States," [1922]

Document 9: "Agreement Between the Anti-Lynching Crusaders and the N.A.A.C.P.", [1922]

Document 10: "Suggestions from Miss Jackson," [1922]

Document 11A: Mary B. Talbert to State Director, [1922]

Document 11B: Mary B. Talbert to State Director, 25 July 1922

Document 12: "Directions for Buffalo Key Women," [1922]

Document 13: "Prayer for Deliverance of the Colored People," [1922]

Document 14: Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Anti-Lynching Crusaders, [1922]

Document 15: Walter F. White to Mrs. Judson L. Saunders, 4 August 1922

Document 16: Juliette V. Harring, "A Lynching," 14 September 1922

Document 17: James Weldon Johnson's Secretary to Margaret T. Tjader, 17 October 1922

Document 18: Mary B. Talbert to Mary White Ovington, 21 October 1922

Document 19: James Weldon Johnson's Assistant Secretary to Mary B. Talbert, 21 October 1922

Document 20: "Mrs. Mossell Griffin's Lynch Bill as a Model," [1922]

Document 21A: Walter F. White to Emily W. Osgood, 25 October 1922

Document 21B: NAACP Chairman of the Board to Mary McMurtrie, 26 October 1922

Document 22: "Why the Million Dollars?" 28 October 1922

Document 23: Press Service of the NAACP, Press Release, "Rabbi Stephen Wise Defies K.K.K. at Annual Meeting of N.A.A.C.P.," 5 January 1923


Image 1: "A Terrible Blot on American Civilization," 1922

Image 2: Flyer for Brooklyn Mass Meeting, 9 November 1922




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