How Did the Portland YWCA Enhance the Lives of Women, 1901-2000?

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The Portland YWCA Today



YWCA Programs & Outreach

Introduction: How Did the Portland YWCA's Outreach to Women and Girls Change over the Course of the Twentieth Century?

Document 1: "YWCA Will Assist Them," c. 1904

Document 2: "As a Girl Reserve," c. 1920s

Fitness & Sport

Jobs & Placement

Music & Drama

Health & Sexuality

Girl Reserves

Social Services



African-American Women

Introduction: What Strategies Did African-American Women Use to Achieve their Goals and Fulfill their Needs through the YWCA in Portland?

Document 1: Letter from Helena H. Harper to Cordella Winn, 8 June 1929

Document 2: "Report of Discontinuance of Coed Inn at Williams Ave. YWCA Center," 23 May 1956

Mallory Avenue Christian Church

Williams Avenue Branch

Program at Williams, 1940s

Young Women at Williams


Asian-American Women

Introduction: How Did Asian-American Women Find Social Outlets and Community Resources through the Portland YWCA?

Document 1: Letter from Lilian Espy to Frances Maeda, 4 November 1938

Document 2A: "Girls' Reserves Silver Tea Gathering," May 1938

Document 2B: "Geisha Entertainers," 29 April 1938

Veleda Club

Frances Maeda

Pacific Island Women


World War II

Introduction: How Did the YWCA of Portland Respond to the Social Challenges Posed by World War II?

Document 1: "Add Some New Notes to Your Life," c. 1940

Document 2: Betty Britton, Mildred Bartholomew and Lazelle Alway to Governor Charles Sprague, 8 December 1941

Aid to Women

Interracial Charter, 1946

Youth on the Move


Religion, Race & Reform

Introduction: How Did the Portland YWCA Respond to Religious and Racial Differences in the Portland Women's Community?

Document 1: "A Call to Women Who Care," c. 1975

Document 2: Cathy Jones, "Message from the Executive Director," 1993

Identity Questions

Moving Toward Inclusiveness




Introduction: How Did the Portland YWCA Carry out the National Organization's Mandate that Housing and Shelter Be "the very foundation of YWCA services?"

Document 1: News Clipping from YWCA Board of Director Minute Books, 3 April 1907

Document 2: Jess Scott, "The Grapevine: Women Scheme Invasion," 6 October 1963

Early Efforts

Mid-Century Growth

Recent Changes



Outdoor & Camping Programs

Introduction: How Was the YWCA's Social and Religious Mission Expressed through its Outdoor and Camping Programs?

Document 1: Handbill about YWCA Summer Camp at Rock Creek, c. 1925

Document 2: "Break Down Barriers," c. 1930

Cascade Head

Camp Westwind





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