Document 23: William A. Allen to Marjory Miller Whittemore, San Fernando, 23 July 1931, The Records of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, U. S. Section, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Microfilm, reel 42, #880-81).

Document 23:  William A. Allen to Marjory Miller Whittemore, San Fernando, 23 July 1931, The Records of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, U. S. Section, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Microfilm, reel 42, #880-81).


        William A. Allen's reponse to Ms. Whittemore's defense of WILPF made further slanderous accusations. He enclosed a translated copy of "Communism's Policy," which included his own additions to support the suggested connection of WILPF with communism. The letter and attached leaflets reprinted here appear as transcriptions in WILPF records.


 Department of California and Nevada
Room 436 a City Hall
San Francisco California

              Office of
              WILLIAM A. ALLEN
              Asst. Dept. Patriotic Instructor
              U.S. Flag Code Ordinance Division
              938 No. Brand Blvd.
              San Fernando California

List of California and
Nevada Officers
                      July 23, 1931

Marjorie [sic] Miller Whittemore
Santa Barbara California

Dear Madam:

    Acknowledging receipt of your letter, dated July 14th. Permit me to state, that the Santa Barbara newspapers seem to have given a very accurate report of my talk before the City Club of Santa Barbara, at the Recreation Center, July 13, 1931.

    Am arranging for another talk in Santa Barbara, date not yet decided. It is my intention to review the history of the W.I.L.P.F. and show its connection with other subversive Communist aid organizations established in the U. S. and particular attention will be given to that portion in connection with its pre-war, and war-time connections with German agents in America, and later association with Russian Communist officials in the United States.

    Contributions towards the funds (obtained in this country to purchase bombing planes for Soviet Russia from Italy and Sweden) by members of the W.I.L.P.F. is a mere flash compared to other facts that will be developed by me.

    Strictly pro. United States
    ( Signed ) William A. Allen


Printed Leaflets Enclosed with Letter

The position of Rykoff, which is the position of World-Communism is:

(a) We can secure Communism in one country only by introducing it in all countries;
(b) We can introduce it in other countries only to the degree that we can induce revolution.
WILPF [A] (c) We can insure the success of revolution only by disarming the governments, and so far as possible
training and arming the revolutionaries.
WILPF (d) We will use this period of pacification for a breathing spell, during which we will every minute
strengthen our own Red Army and give all possible military training to our comrades in all countries.
(e) We will use every force at our disposal, every means and possibility to insure these world-wide
national pacifications.



Issued by Secretary-General Joseph Stalin, of the Communist Political Bureau
of the Soviet Government of Russia.

Official ( secret ) instructions, issued to all District Organizers and Secretaries thru AMTORG, wherever operating in the United States.
RELIGION. By philosophy, mysticism, the development of Liberal cults, and the furtherance of Atheism, to discredit all Christian creeds.
ETHICAL. Corrupt morality by advocating promiscuity and advising High School and University students to practice same; introduction of companionate marriage ideas; advocation of legalized abortions; advancement of theoretical inter-racial practices; -- marriage of white women to colored men – by actual consummation through willing participants where obtainable. Destruction of the family; abolition of inheritance, even to the extent of names; destruction of all records of title, birth and family history.
AESTHETIC. Cultivation of the ugly, futuristic and aberrant in Art, Literature, the Drama and Music: the practice of crude Orientalism, modernism, and degenerate perversion.
SOCIOLOGICAL. Abolition of social opposition by subversive practices; the display of vulgar extravagance, promotion and exaggeration of all social and economic conditions, political corruption etc, to create unrest, suspicion and revolt by the workerd, intensify class war.
INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL. Create mistrust of banks by circulation of rumors of instability and distress. Destroy ideals in craftmanship and pride of workmanship; set up – by series of public talks by professors of sociology and others – the picture of a golden serpent of PROFIT. Standardization of cheap and shoddy; advocate the state monopoly of ownership; exchange all foreign currency at slight discount for United States gold and gradually withdraw gold from circulation. Send all gold currency to Russia. (GERMAN CRISIS) [inserted by W.A.A.]
POLITICAL. Set up the ideal of thinking "Internationally" so as to undermine national patriotism; weaken all goverment [sic] departments by corruption; funds available for this. Attack all political parties and create suspicion and distrust upon any and all occasions. Amplify facts by fiction and create startling exposures. Ridicule all patriotic effort and undermine all preparation for defense against INVASION; carry out out set policy for World Revolution outlines in Rykoff’s position.
        (ASSISTED BY W.I.L.P.F.) [inserted by W.A.A.]
W. A. ALLEN. National Americanization Committee – Veterans of Foreign Wars.


A. WILPF designations in margins added by William A. Allen.
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