Document 12E: Alma Lutz to Pauli Murray, 6 February 1966, Pauli Murray Papers: Series II, 1935-1984, Box 97, Folder 1730, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.


   In this letter, Lutz reiterated her point that the ERA was perhaps not as divisive an issue as Murray believed (see Document 12C). She suggested that Murray consult two of her works in women's history, Susan B. Anthony and Created Equal (a biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton), for a longer view of the history of equal rights advocacy in the United States.

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Alma Lutz
25 River Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02106

February 6, 1966

Dear Dr. Murray,

   I do appreciate your sending me the interesting clipping about you and I am returning it as you requested. The one about the case, I am keeping for reference unless you want it returned.

   I think you overemphasize the controversy over the Equal Rights Amendment. What controversy there was, was stirred up by men's labor organizations and the League of Women

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Voters in its "Do Good" era. Women have been asking for equal rights since 1848. Some day read my Susan B. Anthony, and Created Equal, my biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They will give you the background of the movement.

   I'm very much interested in the outcome of your case and wish you well, but think the Amendment is the only right answer.

   It will be a pleasure to meet you and talk with you.

Alma Lutz


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