Document 31: Emmy Jenkins, "Monthly Report of Social Work," March 1933, 7 pp., Reel 33, Papers of Margaret Sanger, 1900-1966, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Document 31: Emmy Jenkins, "Monthly Report of Social Work," March 1933, 7 pp., Reel 33, Papers of Margaret Sanger, 1900-1966, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


   This report details the outreach activities by the clinic's African American social worker, Emmy Jenkins, whom Sanger hired on a one-year contract in 1933 (see Document 22, Document 27, and Document 33 for Jenkins's tenure at the clinic). The report includes both narrative accounts of Jenkins's visits to local social service agencies and statistical information about her contacts with those agencies and clinic clients. It provides a window on the daily practices of one African American staff member and gives a glimpse into the perspectives on birth control within the African American community. The report mentions the continuing concern among Harlem's doctors that the clinic was a source of competition. Pages 4 and 5 include statistics compiled from patients' responses about their contraceptive habits. Half of the women indicated that they used other methods in addition to the diaphragm they had obtained at the clinic. The top three reasons women gave for not using the clinic's method were that they had no money for supplies, they were pregnant, and the diaphragm was too much trouble.[100] Page 5 also includes women's statements of profound relief at having effective contraception. The report of Jenkins's visit to the birth control clinic at the Union Settlement House provides a glimpse into a birth control clinic operated by the American Birth Control League. The league, started in 1921 by Sanger, operated a growing number of small clinics in New York city that were not connected with the Clinical Research Bureau.[101] Sanger hoped that Jenkins's efforts would lead to more client referrals from social services. The final page of the document, a supplementary report, is an example of the regular monthly reporting carried out by clinic staff. This report includes an account of the clinic's client visits for the month and was prepared by the supervising nurse, Margaret Ensign.

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March 1933


1. No. of New Contacts with Social Agencies


2. No. of re contacts with Social Agencies


3. No of Telephone Contacts with Social Agencies


4. No. of contacts with Ministers and Individuals


5. Attended with Dr. Ellis, a lecture to the Satelytes Alu Alumnae Club, a group of 30 young women--contact through Abyssinian Baptist Church


6. Substitute for Dr. Levinson--a talk to the Debutantes- a Social Club--30 young women in attendance--Contact through Mrs. Boozer of the Amsterdam News Staff



1. UNION SETTLEMENT - Has a League Clinic.

2. 2 BABY HEALTH STATIONS - Very favorable--Thinks Harlem Clinic necessary. Will send patients as need is indicated.

3. EAST HARLEM TUBERCULOSIS & HEALTH - Not permitted to send patients. Would not accept literature to refer on individual basis even.

4. ASSO. AID OF CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Has made referrals in past--Will resume on basis of new financial policy.

5. HARLEM ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Most interested--In collaboration with Social Service Department of St. Phillips Church, planning a series of four Birth Control lectures on its fall program.

6. JANE REED DWIGHT CENTER - Very interested and willing to send Harlem District patients here. Thinks it a great help to mothers.

7. PARENT-TEACHERS ASSN. - Very cooperative--President will take up the matter with the executive committee and plan a meeting. Also will gather a small group of mothers in her own home for a talk.

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8. NEW YORK CITY MISSION ST. JOHN'S ME. CHURCH - Very cooperative. Planned meeting for April 6th, for talk to small staff and few other select group of women.

9. NEW YORK CITY MISSION UNION CONG'L CHURCH - Very cooperative and will refer several mothers already known to them.

10. HOUSEWIVES' LEAGUE - Had a talk by former Supervisor which met with rather cold response. Will take up matter of another Birth Control meeting with Executive Committee


   1. DR. SIDAT SINGH - President

   North Harlem Medical Society - Somewhat antagonistic and difficult to convince. Thinks of Clinic as rival organization to the medical profession and that the whole matter should be clarified in a planned discussion.


   Chairman Program Committee

   North Harlem Medical Society - Favorable and will try to effect a plan for a discussion whereby the whole relationship can be worked out on a basis of understanding.

   3. DR. AARON L. MacGHEE - President

   Manhattan Medical Society - Very much exercised over the present free clinic situation which is drawing from the practice of t

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