Document 6N: "Is This Really Funny?" Labor Pains, 1, no. 1 (August 1975), p. 9.


Following are three classic examples of men's abuse of their power to extract sexual favors from women:

She paid bill with Sex: Still Owes $377

The facts are that the contractor who was a friend of her husband agreed to do the job free but presented the woman with a $625 bill when he learned they were divorced. He suggested she pay it off by sleeping with him.

Family Court Judge Indicted for Taking Favors

A woman whose case was before him was told she would get favorable consideration for her case if she complied with his sexual advances. Most family court cases deal with support and child custody…

Woman Wins $300,000 in Sex Cure Case

Therapist Renatus Hartogs (who gives women readers advise in his regular column in Cosmopolitan magazine) recommended that a patient have sex with him as a cure. The woman, who suffered serious side effects as a result was awarded $300,000 in damages…

In each of these cases men have irresponsibly abused their power to take advantage of women who were in financial, legal, emotional or medical need. Yet without exception these articles have been reported in a titillating or amused tone. Only when society sees women as fully human will we no longer be humiliated in this way.


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