Document 11: ERA Iowa 1992, "Equal Rights Amendment," 1992. Box 1, ERA Iowa 1992 Collection, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Document 11: ERA Iowa 1992, "Equal Rights Amendment," 1992. Box 1, ERA Iowa 1992 Collection, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

       This document is a brochure produced and distributed by ERA Iowa 1992.  It was patterned after a pamphlet advocating woman’s suffrage used by the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).  Similar to materials used during the 1980 campaign, the brochure addresses the concerns of Iowa citizens while attacking claims made by ERA opponents. Again, the needs of housewives, mothers, spouses and working women are addressed in the the text. The amendment also addresses the inadequacy of the 14th and 15th amendment of the United States Constitution to help eliminate legalized sex discrimination. Some new issues addressed include social security benefits for women and single mothers as head of household and sole breadwinners.

Equal Rights Amendment

Some People Say:
The Facts Are:
The ERA will destroy the FAMILY. The ERA affects only Governmental Action--such as equal pay and legal rights--NOT Private Relationships. The Career HOMEMAKER's Valuable contribution to marriage and the rearing of Children may continue as her CHOICE under ERA.

Men will no longer have to Support their wives and CHILDREN. Even now, according to the Courts, a married woman living with her Husband receives only WHAT HE CHOOSES to give her. Support will still depend on LOVE, not Law.

Woman's PLACE is in the Home. Over 70% of the women who work do so because of ECONOMIC NECESSITY. The ERA will reinforce the right to Equal Pay for the Millions of women who are HEADS of Families.

Divorced women will no longer be given Support or Custody of their CHILDREN. Divorced women who need SUPPORT will continue to be awarded it. The GOOD OF THE CHILD will be the Primary Criterion in awarding custody.

The ERA will take away labor laws Protecting women. The ERA will UNMASK "protective" laws which are Thin Disguises for excluding women from highter paying jobs and opportunities for Advancement. Under the ERA, Truly BENEFICIAL protective labor laws will be EXTENDED to men

Women will be subject to the DRAFT, and Mothers will be TORN from their children to be sent into Combat. The ERA means Women will be subject to a draft, but if we ever have one again, Congress could exempt either Parent or both, as they did FATHERS in the most recent drafts. Equal Rights do mean EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES.

Women will lose their present Social Security Benefits based on their HUSBANDS' Earnings. Women will NOT lose any Present Benefits. Women's and men's benefits will be EQUALIZED, so that present Injustices, primarily affecting MEN, will be Eliminated.

Men and women will have to share the same public Bathrooms. The Constitutional right to Privacy will still justify separate restrooms, dormitories, and barracks. Equality and Modesty can co-exist.

The ERA will Legalize homosexual marriages. Same-sex marriages can be permitted or forbidden regardless of the ERA. It will only mean that if Men can't marry men, Women can't marry women.

The ERA will mean WHOLESALE abortions. The Supreme Court decision on abortion WILL NOT be affected by the ERA. It was based on the Right to Privacy.

The 14th Amendment makes the ERA Unnecessary. The 14th and 5th Amendments have NOT been interpreted by the Courts to mean sex discrimination is Unconstitutional. It is Time, after 200 YEARS, that the constitution recognize women as FIRST CLASS Citizens.

This leaflet is patterned after one distributed more than 50 years ago by
The ERA was first introduced in Congress in 1923!

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