Page Three of 1980 Brochure by Catholics Act for ERA

Discrimination is Anti-Life

Discrimination against women undermines their dignity, treats them as inferiors, denies them full and productive lives.  Often, it deprives them of food, clothing, fuel, and shelter: the very necessities of life.

People who cherish life struggle to overcome discrimination because reverence for life is meaningless without reverence for equality.

For Widows

Widows are often victims of inequality in social security payments, pension plans, and inheritance taxes.  In fact, two out of three poor persons over age 65 are women.

Mary Heath knew discrimination as a widow.  Her husband dies after 30 years in which they shared the hard work of a farm in Cody, Nebraska. The law required her to pay $25,000 in inheritance taxes in order to keep the land on which she had worked all her adult life!  If she had died first, her husband would not have had to pay a cent!


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