Document 16: Harlem Section I.L.D. Branches, n.d., Clarina Michelson Papers, Tamiment Library, New York University.


    Communist Party organizing instructions encouraged newly established branches to choose appropriate branch names. In the feverish organizing of the early 1930s, Scottsboro names became instant favorites. In this undated list, branches took their names from all nine Scottsboro Boys. Haywood Patterson had two branches named for him. The list included a "Scottsboro Branch, Hungarian." And as a show of the popularity of the Scottsboro Mothers, organizers selected "Mrs. Janie Patterson" as a good branch name.

    The "Angelo Herndon Branch" took its name from an African-American party organizer, who, under the aegis of the Unemployed Councils, led a peaceful march demanding bread for the hungry in Atlanta in 1932. He was indicted under a 19th-century statute designed to punish leaders of slave uprisigs, and his conviction brought a long prison sentence. [7] References to Herndon and the Scottsboro Boys often appeared together in protests of the period.


Chas Weems Branch

Mrs. Theresa Taylor, 2014-7th Ave, Apt. 3

Andy Wright Branch

Bernice Foster, 78 W 131 St

Bradhurst Branch

Booker Robinson, 246 Bradhurst Ave, Apt. 4

Eugene Williams Branch

Mrs. Gertrude Gayles, 2724-8th Ave, Apt. 21

Roy Wright Branch

Jenkins, 137 W 137 St

Angelo Herndon Branch

Lucille Jones, 31 W 130 St

Haywood Patterson Branch (1)

J Lotker, 17 E 107 St., Apt 9 (temp)

Haywood Patterson Branch (2)

(will be org. May 15)

Ozie Powell Branch

Loretta Adams, 401 Edgecomb Ave, Apt. 6C

Olin Montgomery Branch

Martin Watson, 301 W 126 St, Apt 9

Clarence Norris Branch

(will be org May 12)

Mrs. Janie Patterson Branch

(will be org May 15)

Willie Robinson Branch

(will be org May)

West 111 St Branch

Ella Romaine, 235 W 110 St, Apt 11 (being org)

West Side Branch

J Krin, Hirsch, 208 W 82 St (temp)

East Side Branch

Wm M Melan, 17 E 113 St (to be org)

Hungarian Branch

350 E. 81 St

Checkoslovak Branch

347 E 72 St

Scottsboro Branch, Hungarian

350 E 81 St

German Branch-Germ Workers xxxxx Club

36 St at 3rd Ave

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