Page Four of 1980 Brochure by Catholics Act for ERA

For Homemakers

Many women choose to be full-time homemakers.  Yet our laws do not protect their choice or livelihood.

  • Many states deny the homemaker equal ownership of home, savings account, and other household property.
  • Most states place no economic value on work in the home.  As a result, many homemakers find themselves without money or resources if their husbands die or leave unexpectedly.
  • THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT will mean legal recognition of the economic value of the homemaker’s services.  It will ensure that husband and wife have a right to joint ownership of household property. In Pennsylvania -- thanks to its state E.R.A. -- these provisions are already the law.
The Iowa Equal Rights Amendment

       On November 4, 1980, the voters of Iowa will decide whether or not to add an equal rights amendment to the Iowa Constitution.  This amendment will make Iowa a true state of equality.

       The Iowa Equal Rights Amendment will appear on the top row, far righthand corner of the voting machine.  The actual question is:


To ensure that the State shall not deny or restrict the equality of rights under the law on the basis of gender.


Yes          No


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