Document 28: Letter from Golden Gate Manufacturing Co. to the Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers ILGWU Local No. 341, 6 May 1939, ILGWU Collection, MJ F1, Labor Archives and Research Center, San Francisco State University.

    After only one year of working under a union contract, officials at the Golden Gate Manufacturing Company informed the local that the factory was closing. Jennie Matyas described in an oral history (see Document 29) the subsequent efforts to place unemployed Chinese workers from the factory into previously all-white factories. Although Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers Local No. 341 did not last long (members voted to merge with local 101 after the Golden Gate Manufacturing Company closed), the strike had demonstrated that Chinese garment workers could organize and also prepared Chinese workers for alliances with labor activists in the future.

Manufacturer of
Ladies' and Children's

Telephone: SUtter 0940

Golden Gate Manufacturing Co.
720 Washington Street
San Francisco, Calif.


May 6, 1939

International Ladies' Garment Workers Union,
Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers Local No. 341
935 Stockton Street,
San Francisco, California


    Our agreement of June 8th, 1938, requires that notice in writing shall be given at least one month prior to the date of expiration should either party desire to make any changes, modifications or additions.

    Due to circumstances beyond our control we are going to find it necessary to liquidate our business. Therefore, nothing could be gained through entering into negotiations for changes in the contract. We therefore advise you that we shall regard our contract as terminated on June 7, 1939.

    The past year has been a very disastrous one for our company, we having sustained financial losses which make it imperative that we discontinue the business.

    No reorganization, consolidation or merger with any other person, firm or concern is contemplated nor will they be considered. All equipment and merchandise is already being offered for sale and disposed of in anticipation of permanently closing the Golden Gate Mfg. Co.

    We regret that economic conditions have produced these results which are more disastrous and disappointing to us than they will be to our employees.

Yours very truly,
(Signed) G. N. Wong Low

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