Document 1: "Add Some New Notes to Your Life," St. John's Center, YWCA flyer, c. 1940, Portland YWCA Archives, Portland, Oregon.

Portland YWCA and World War II

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Document 1: "Add Some New Notes to Your Life," St. John's Center, YWCA flyer, c. 1940, Portland YWCA Archives, Portland, Oregon.


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In True Fellowship

Who belongs to the YWCA?

Women and girls of all occupations, of varying interests, of many religious beliefs, of many nationalities, of many races--women of widely different backgrounds, who agree on some things and disagree on others, but who are moving together toward their goal--"To build a fellowship."

Membership in the Portland YWCA is open to all women and girls. The fee is $1.00 a year. Frankly this dollar does not buy anything, but it is a symbol of your interest and support.

That Old Gang of Mine

"That Old Gang" is probably just a memory, so why not [join a] new one? Supper clubs and other groups in the YOUNG WOMEN'S DEPT. mean friends, good times, and [new] interests. If you're a "toiling Tillie" in a store, office, factory, or shipyard--"COME OUT, COME OUT, WHERE-EVER YOU ARE." Come right from work "THE WAY YOU ARE TONIGHT" -- "WITH THE WIND AND THE RAIN IN [YOUR] HAIR" or even a little dust.


"SIDE BY SIDE"--WACS, WAVES, SPARS, MARINES and . . . NURSES! Yes, you all are at attention on your jobs, when you're off-duty we're the ones at attention. Welcome to the USO lounge--"PRIVATE FIRST CLASS MARY BROWN" or [illegible]! At your service is a typewriter or smooth-gliding pens, well-lighted desks . . . sinkable chairs with elbow-waiting [illegible], obliging piano that permits "CHOPSTICKS," [illegible] radio . . . phonograph with latest hits . . . whatever you [might] want, we serve the gals that serve Uncle Sam!


"TABLE FOR TWO" or two hundred! . . . and coffee . . . and [illegible] if you're a lunch-toting girl bring that sandwich up to [LU]NCH BOX CANTEEN, sit at an attractive table in a [illegible] atmosphere where you can read, chat or enjoy records, [illegible] and games. Open Monday through Friday, 11:30 a.m.- [2p.]m.

"TOGETHER" -- Young married women in the North area [illegible] Together in the PRO-TO club designed for recreational, educational social purposes. Meets twice monthly [at] St. Johns YWCA.



["PAP]ER DOLL"--no, you won't need to buy one. You can make one or something much more complicated . . . leather goods, billfolds, paint [illegible] any number of exciting CRAFTS.


HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE"--but don't peek! It's your bid. Tell us whether you want to take BRIDGE lessons or just play for fun. We're a [illegible] partner and we'll cooperate.


"SI SI SI"--Everyone's talking about the Good Neighbor policy. How about talking about it. "THE SOUTH AMERICAN WAY"? Learn SPANISH [y]ou can do it.

My Ideal

Yes, you girls in your teens have your ideals, your hopes and ambitions for the future as well as your enthusiasms and interests of the present. GIRL RESERVE clubs in all Portland and most area high schools welcome you to join with other girls like yourself to develop today what you want to be tommorrow. Beside just plain good times, activities include discussions, public affairs, service work and conferences. In the summer time an exciting camp life awaits you at the GIRL RESERVES' own CAMP WESTWIND by the sea.


"SWINGING ON A STAR"--High school boys and girls all over the city come to STARlight club at the YWCA every Friday night for dancing, ping pong, group games, singing and recreation. But if you're nearer the North Star (North area of Portland) you'll want to go.

"UP, UP, UP" to the TOPper club at the St. John's YWCA. Both of these clubs meet on Friday nights from 8:30 to 12 midnight and it's "A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING."

"JUST LIKE A MELODY FROM OUT OF THE SKY" comes the CLIPPER club every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 9 o'clock at the St. Johns YWCA for JUNIOR TEEN-AGERS. Same fun as the high school group--dancing, games, food, recreation.

Special Services



"NIGHT AND DAY" the clean, comfortable rooms in the YWCA hotel are available to newcomers for temporary quarters. If a permanent place is desired, consult our Rooms Registry service.


"JUST AROUND THE CORNER" from the carline . . . as convenient for you as possible . . . ROOMS REGISTRY service finds you a nice place to live. Whether it's a "BLUE ROOM" -- "ROSE ROOM" or "ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET" from the list of investigated homes, one "EXACTLY LIKE YOU" is found . . . the right place for the right girl.


"WHAT'LL I DO?" There comes a time in every girl's life when she doesnt know which way to turn . . . she faces one kind of problem or another. If the answer is "MORE THAN YOU KNOW" our COUNSELING service, aware of the problems of every day living, will help you find it.

At Home
All The Things You Are

YES--"ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE"--wife, mother [house]keeper, cook, seamstress, nurse, neighbor, . . . and still you have the satisfaction of serving a worthwhile cause. When you serve as a VOLUNTEER on a Y committee or club group, as a HOSTESS in the lobby or Lunch Box Canteen, or belong to the recreation CLUB for housewives, you know what it means to sing "MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY."

"ONE ALONE" seems to be your classification when he's away, but you needn't be "ALL ALONE" for there're dozens of wives just like you to share your leisure hours. Every [illegible] day from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. (dinner at 6:30 if you [come on] Thursday afternoon, there is a program of recreation [illegible] in the USO lounge. There you meet others who know themeaning of "Life by Letters" and understand when [illegible] "THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT A SOLDIER" or sailor, or [illegible].


"IT'S LOVE, LOVE LOVE"--yes, when you play tennis or badminton you base your score on the word "Love," and the less skilled you are the more "Love" you get. ("Love" means "zero.") If you want to become an expert or simply learn the fundamentals of the game join the [illegible] badminton classes. Fun and Exercise is the "net" profit.

"MINNIE THE MERMAID" may not be headline you're angling for but you wouldn't mind a big splash, would you? Swimming, the exercise that uses all the muscles, is taught by experts. Whether you know nothing, know a little or know it all about aquatic maneuvers, the pool is the place to keep afloat with the times.

"ME AND MY SHADOW"--Do you both agree? If you've been working hard and are a shadow of your former self, or have been eating too much and yourself is more than your former shadow, you'll enjoy the normalizing classes and body conditioning exercises. For poise and [grace] try modern or interpretive dancing. It's expressive as "THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE"!


"WALTZ ME AROUND AGAIN, WILLIE"--You'll also be able to waltz with Tom, Dick and Harry when you learn the ballroom technique in simple lessons taught by ARTHUR MILLER instructors. Classes in the waltz, foxtrot, rhumba and jitterbug for men and women, and boys and girls ten years and up.


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