Document 9: Daughters of the American Revolution, "Doubtful Speakers," 1927, The Records of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, U. S. Section, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Scholarly Resources Microfilm, reel 42, #826-8).

Document 9:  Daughters of the American Revolution, "Doubtful Speakers," 1927, The Records of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, U. S. Section, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Scholarly Resources Microfilm, reel 42, #826-8).


       Compiled by officials of the DAR, this list included many prominent women reformers, especially leaders in the women's peace movement, such as Jane Addams, Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucia Ames Mead, Dorothy Detzer, Hannah Clothier Hull and Emily Greene Balch. The list created considerable conflict between the women included on it and members of the DAR.


Abbott, Grace, Internationalist, Socialist, Feminist

Addams, Jane

Allen, Florence, Judge, Socialist

Anderson, Mary, Socialist

Baer, Gertrude, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, speaker for German Youth Movement

Bagley, Mrs. Frederick P., Education Bill, Chairman of Campaign

Baker, Dr. S. Josephine, Director of Children's Bureau

Balch, Emily Greene, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Baron, Rose, Communist

Barron, Jennie Leitman, Socialist

Belmont, Mrs. O. H. P., National Woman's Party, Pres., Revolutionary-Feminist

Blackwell, Alice Stone, Socialist

Baltch, Harriet Stanton, [sic] Communist

Brandeis, Susan, Radical

Breckenridge, Sophronisba P., [sic] Pacifist, socialist

Bruere, Mina, Radical

Buell, Jennie, Member National Com. LaFollette-Wheeler Campaign

Carner, Lucy P., Radical

Carroll, Marie, Speaker for Fellowship of Youth for Peace

Catt, Carrie Chapman, Internationalist, Feminist, Editor of Women's Bible

Conn, Fannie M., Communist

Costigan, Mrs. Mabel, Socialist

Cram, Mrs. J. Sargeant, Pacifist, Socialist

Crock, Margaret B. of England, Pacifist

Dennett, Mary Ware, Founder of Voluntary Parenthood League

Detzer, Dorothy, National Executive Secretary Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Doty, Madeleine Z., Communist

Evans, Elizabeth Glendower, Pacifist, Feminist, Internationalist, Socialist

Elmhurst, Mrs. L. K., Radical Pacifist

Field, Sara Bard, Revolutionary Feminist

Floyd, Lousia Adams, Socialist

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley, Communist

Gale, Zona, Socialist

Gartz, Mrs. Kate Crane, Communist

Gillespie, Mabel, Socialist

Gilman, Elizabeth, Treasurer Wheeler Committee, Supporter of American Civil Liberties Union

Goldmark, Josephine, Socialist

Guthrie, Ann, Radical Pacifist

Hale, Beatrice F. R., of England, Feminist

Hamilton, Dr. Alice, Internationalist, Socialist

Harrison, Marguerite, Radical

Hourwich, Rebecca, Communist

Hughan, Jessie, Socialist, Pacifist

Hull, Mrs. Hannah Clothier, International Pacifist

Irwin, Inez Hayes, Feminist Radical

Kendig, Isabel, Socialist

Kingsbury, Susan, Socialist

Kirchwey, Freda, Communist-Feminist

Lathrop, Julia, Feminist, Internationist, Socialist, Pacifist

Leach, Agnes Brown, Feminist, Pacifist

Levin, Lulu, Communist

Lewis, Lucy Biddle, Pacifist, Feminist

Lloyd, Lola Maverick, Pacifist, Socialist

Mead, Lucia Ames, Pacifist, Socialist

Nearing, Nellie Sees, Socialist

Nestor, Agnes, Socialist

Norris, Mrs. Gordon, Radical

Paul, Alice, Revolutionary Feminist

Pemroy, Dorothy P., Radical

Rankin, Jeannette, Pacifist, Radical

Ripley, Mrs. William Z., Radical

Mrs. Raymond Robbins, Socialist

Rochester, Anna, Radical

Royden, Maude, of England, Pacifist, Christian Socialist

Sanger, Margaret, Leader of Birth Control Movement

Sender, Tony, of Germany, Socialist

Schneiderman, Rose, Communist

Schwartz, Maude, Communist

Schwimmer, Rosika, German Propagandist

Scudder, Vida, Socialist

Sherwin, Belle, Radical

Simkhovitch, Mrs. V. G., Radical

Spencer, Mrs. Anna Garlin, Pacifist

Stokes, Rose Pastor, Communist

Strong, Anna Louise, Communist

Tarbell, Ida M., Radical

Townsend, Genevieve, Radical

Van Kleech, Mary, [sic] Radical

Villard, Mrs. Henry, Pacifist

Vorse, Mary Heaton, Communist[A]

Wald, Lillian D., Communist

Weyl, Bertha Poole, Socialist

Whitney, Charlotte Anita, Communist

Wilkinson, Elle, of England, Socialist

Wise, Justius, Radical, Strike Leader

Woods, Amy, Radical, Pacifist

Wooley, Mary E., Pacifist, Radical


A. For more on Mary Heaton Vorse, see her description of the Lawrence Strike in her 1935 memoir, A Footnote to Folly, also on this website. She also recalled the 1919 Palmer Raids in Chapter 20 of her memoir.
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