Document 24B: "Chinese Local Marks Opening of New Office in San Francisco," Justice, 15 September 1938, p. 15.


    Combining the graciousness of the East with the heartiness of the West, Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers, Local 341, celebrated the opening of its own headquarters in the heart of San Francisco's world-famous Chinese section at a banquet and fete, August 21.

    Among the guests of honor were members of the cast of "Pins and Needles." On August 26 an impromptu party for the cast took place followed by a visit to a Chinese theatre.

    Members of the firm of the Golden Gate Manufacturing Company, with whom the Union now has a contract following prolonged disagreements, attended the banquet with typical Chinese courtesy. They sent a large basket of flowers as a token.

    In addition to the cast of "Pins and Needles" and the members of the firm the guests included Vice-President Feinberg and Mrs. Feinberg; Brother Mencoff, the President of the Pacific Coast Federation, and Mrs. Mencoff; Brother Zacharin, Secretary-Treasurer of the Pacific Coast Federation, and Mrs. Zacharin; Mr. Bob Elliot of the San Francisco Daily News and Mrs. Elliot; Mr. William Hoy of the State Relief and the Chinese Digest; Mrs. Lee of the Chinese YWCA; Mr. Wong and Mr. Jan of Young China, Chinese daily newspaper; Mr. George Davis, attorney for Tom Mooney; Chinese members of a musical group; representatives of other Chinese organizations, and Marion Brown and John Bliotta of the Department Store Employees' Union, Local 1100, for whom we shall always have the warmest feeling of union kinship.

    The guests were greeted by Go Quai Sing, the president of the local, and by Jennie Matyas, organizer for the International, and organizer of the Chinese local. The English welcome was interpreted to the Chinese by Joe Man Sing, the secretary of the local. Brother Jew Hing Lee, vice-president of the local, made an appeal on behalf of the Chinese refugees which was translated back into English for our benefit by pretty Lilly Yip. Impromptu as it was, the collection amounted to $67.50. It was turned over to the Chinese relief in the name of the local.

    In addition to staging the dinner, the members made collective gifts.

    Thirty-seven members chipped in and bought a radio; fifteen members bought an electric clock; the finishers bought a very pretty cloisonee metal flower vase; one of the members sent in a beautiful map of China; organizations in the community sent framed "good wishes"; three of our members bought a very lovely Chinese picture; Alice Dong, the secretary of our local, had the very happy idea of furnishing each of our guests, members of the cast of "Pins and Needles," with little souvenirs of Chinatown and mementos of our local; the Pacific Coast Federation presented the local with the furniture.

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