Document 12E: "Mrs. Montgomery in Greenville," Southern Worker, 18 July 1931, p. 4.

Mrs. Montgomery
In Greenville


    GREENVILLE, S.C.--Mrs. Viola Montgomery, mother of Olen, one of the framed-up Scottsboro boys, has just left Greenvile, S. C., after speaking at 13 churches and one association of teachers, where teachers from all over the state heard her.

    Protests to Gov. Miller of Alabama, and Judge Hawkins, denouncing the conviction of the 9 boys, and demanding their release, were sent by the Springfield Baptist Church, Long Branch Baptist church, Grove St. Baptist church, Bethel M. E. church, Evangelist Baptist church, Antioch Baptist church, Tabernacle Baptist church, Church of God, Friendship Baptist church, Burtontown Temple Baptist church, St. Luke church, and Holiness church.

    All arrangements for the meetings were made by the local Scottsboro Defense Committee, which accompanied Mrs. Montgomery to the churches. The police did not hear of the meetings until practically all of them had taken place. As soon as they found out about them, they went to different workers' homes trying to intimidate them, and trying to find out the whereabouts of Mrs. Montgomery.

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