Document 11A: "Yonkers Holds Big Woman's Day Meet," New York Call, 28 February 1910, p. 1.

Document 11A: "Yonkers Holds Big Woman's Day Meet," New York Call, 28 February 1910, p. 1.


        Typical of the many celebrations of national Woman's Day in 1910 were those in Yonkers and Brooklyn, described below in the New York Call.

The shirtwaist maker's sold copies of New York Call to earn money for the strike fund.
Annelise Orleck, Common Sense & A Little Fire: Women and Working-Class Politics in the United States, 1900 - 1965
(Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1995), p. 83.



Mrs. Malkiel, Gearity, Miss Cole, Spargo and Mrs. Krehbiel Deliver Inspiring Addresses.


        A large audience filled Teutonia Hall, Buena Vista avenue, Yonkers, yesterday afternoon at the Woman's Day meeting of the Socialist party.

        Mrs. Theresa Malkiel presided, and, unlike most chairman, made no lengthy speech. With a few brief words, stating the reason for the meeting, she introduced Jack Britt Gearity, who spoke briefly upon the challenge of the woman's movement to present day man made and class ruled society.

        Miss Elsie La Grange Cole, who spoke next, dealt with the story of the recent shirtwaist makers' strike, and its lessons for the advocates of woman suffrage.

        John Spargo[A] delivered a short but very strong speech for equal political privileges and duties for men and women. He declared that if the workingmen of this state understood the real attitude of the opponents of votes for women equal suffrage would be established in this state at once.

        Mrs. Luella R. Krehbiel[B], the last speaker, dealt at length with the evolution of man, pointing out the need for equality of opportunity to free both men and women.

        Mrs. J. W. Gates sang several solos, accomplished by her daughter, and the Chopin Orchestra played several numbers. The meeting was voted a great success.

A. John Spargo was a member of the Socialist Party of America. He wrote in the International Socialist Review and the Comrade. His own book, Socialism and Motherhood, spoke out against inequalities that women faced.
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B. Luella Roberts Krehbiel was a suffrage lecturer and became interested in the Socialist movement. She was the state organizer for the Socialist Party in Kansas. She involved herself in organizing special women's clubs in the Socialist Party.
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