Document 6P: "Issue Draws National Support," Labor Pains, 1, no. 1 (August 1975), p. 10.


   The Speak Out held in Ithaca on May 4 was a ground-breaking event. We have found support for our efforts to raise the issue of sexual harassment from people all across the country. Eleanor Holmes Norton Commissioner of Human Rights of the City of New York, is instituting programmatic changes in the guidelines she enforces based on testimony given to Human Rights Commission hearings by an Ithaca woman; Congresswoman Bella Abzug supports our efforts to raise research money to continue to study the problem of sexual harassment; and, Karen DeCrow, president of NOW, says she is traveling around the country telling audiences about the exciting work WWU is doing and the importance of the issue of sexual harassment on the job.

   WWU will be doing the much-needed research to examine the real impact of sexual harassment on working women. The questionnaire distributed at the Speak Out will serve as the starting point for accumulating broader statistics about just how widespread sexual harassment is. Armed with the results of this study, we will better be able to fight to protect women from the stress and anxiety of unwanted sexual advances in their work situations.


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