Document 10: "Woman's Day," Progressive Woman , February 1910, p. 12.

Document 10: "Woman's Day," Progressive Woman , February 1910, p. 12.


        Three members of the Woman's National Committee announced the upcoming celebration of Woman's Day through this letter in Progressive Woman. Founded in 1907 by Josephine Conger and her husband, the prominent Japanese socialist, Kiichi Kaneko, Progressive Woman, became the most important source of news of the Committee's work.[16]


        The Socialist women of New York have begun their preparations for Woman's Day that is to be observed by Socialists throughout the country on the last Sunday in February, as it was last year. Carnegie hall, one of the largest halls in the city, has been engaged by the woman's committee of Local New York, and with the ardent support of the entire party organization, it is expected that a large and enthusiastic meeting of Socialist supporters of woman suffrage will be held there on Sunday afternoon, February 27th.

        Three members of the national woman's committee of the Socialist party, residing in and near New York, have sent out the following letter to party locals and to the party press:

        "Comrades: The national woman's committee with the endorsement of the national executive committee, has set aside the 27th of February, the last Sunday of the month, as Woman's Day. The Socialist party is pledged to work for equal suffrage for men and women, and at this stage of industrial unrest among the working women it is of special importance to point out to the latter our true relationship to them. Let us then make Woman's Day a rousing national success! Let the Socialists make it an occassion to point to the working woman their viewpoint of her rights. We must embrace this opportunity not only as a means of agitating for votes for women, but also as a fit time to awaken the class-consciousness of our toiling sisters, and thus win their hearts and minds for Socialism. Comrades, the day is near, and it behooves us to urge you to proceed at once with the arrangements for meetings and celebrations which you are going to hold on that day.

        "Fraternally yours, for the national woman's committee.
             META L. STERN,
             THERESA MALKIEL.

        It is to be hoped that comrades everywhere will heed this appeal, and will strive to make our national demonstration as successful and effective as it merits to be made.

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