Document 6G: "Cop Charges Cop With Harassment," Labor Pains, 1, no. 1 (August 1975), p. 4.

Cop Charges
Cop With Harassment

(N.Y. Post) Candice Fisher, 22, of the Los Angeles Police Dept., charged Phillip Berry, 31, her partner in the patrol car, with on-the-job sexual harassment.

   Fisher charged that Berry made both verbal and physical passes while they were on duty. She reported that he made improper remarks, attempted to force her into an intimate position, suggested they perform an intimate sex act and once "thrust his pelvis against her body in a sexually suggestive manner."

   A department spokesperson said the case is the first in L.A. history in which a male officer was charged with such offenses.

   DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SEXUAL HARASSMENT OR OTHER FORMS OF SEX DISCRIMINATION? If so, please contact Working Women United immediately. We'd like to help out as much as we can. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the resources or legal skills necessary to take on every potential case; but, contact us anyway. After discussing your problem, we may decide to fight the case with you. If we can't, we'll try to refer you to some agency which can. Furthermore, we're maintaining files on all the cases that come to us, so that when we are stronger, we will be prepared to act.


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