Our First Issue

   Working Women United is unique in Tompkins County. We are the only organization that addresses itself exclusively to the problems and concerns of working women. We hope that Labor Pains will become a forum for the ideas, opinions and concerns of all women in Tompkins County.

   News articles about working women, especially struggles to find equality and dignity in a male-dominated work world are encouraged, as are articles on controversial topics. Labor Pains can be a place where waitresses, college professors and factory workers can all learn from one another; we may find that we have more in common than suspected at first. Being a young organization, we welcome a variety of views.

   The articles in this issue reflect the opinions of the individual writers. We hope that they will stimulate responses from the community at large.

   We will be glad to print articles or letters that are sent to us (limited only by space and time considerations). Please enclose your name, address and telephone number with any articles you submit; we will not print your name unless you request that we do so.

   This first issue is being distributed free of charge, a practice we cannot afford to continue. Please subscribe if you find us interesting, or come to the Tompkins County Library and read a copy there.

LABOR PAINS is published quarterly by:

     Working Women United Institute
     P.O. Box 732
     Ithaca, N.Y. 14850

PRODUCTION STAFF: Harriet Anagnostis, Leslie Allee, Mary Baily, Jody Berg Carlie Cleveland, Jocelyn Cottier, Sara Edmondson, Julie Friedman, Mary Harwryshki, Lorraine Hodgson, Jean McPheeters, Susan Meyer, Sue Meyn, Cyral Miller, Karen Sauvigne', Phyllis Warren, Glo Webel, Joan Willmer, Ellen Yacknin, Jake, Orlando

Subscription rate: $3.00 a year


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