Since we first posted this page, we have found 10 of the 80 suffragists who proved very difficult to track down. The following list includes suffragists we still have not found as of October 1, 2020.

The following NAWSA-affiliated suffragists have eluded the best efforts of several volunteers

Allen Miss   NC SKIP
Barron Mrs.   CA impossible
Bassett Mary C   NJ impossible
Bird Rose A.   WY impossible
Blair Mrs.   MI SKIP
Boyer Mrs.   MI SKIP
Bristol Augusta C Vineland NJ impossible
Brown Adelia Maxwell Peoria IL impossible
Campbell Miss Mary D   NJ impossible
Clark Edith K.O.   WY impossible
Clemmons Mrs. Maud O. Little Rock AR impossible
Coffey Miss   NC SKIP
Colby Mrs.   MD SKIP_
Corbert Mrs.   CA impossible
Crane Loanne Franklin Co OH impossible
Cromwell Nellie C.   MD impossible
Crouter Mrs. C.W.   WY impossible
David Mrs. Mary B Douglas WY impossible
de Leon Margarita Lucas Co OH impossible
Eichelberger Bessie   NV impossible
Ellis Dora Wooster OH impossible
Fitzgerald Mrs.   MA SKIP_
Gardner Mrs. Margaret   GA impossible
Goodrich Mrs.   IN impossible
Heltzell Lillian (Miss) St. Louis MO impossible
Henry Mrs. P.J. Hot Springs AR impossible
Higgins Miss Susan   MT impossible
Hogan Catharine G.   NY impossible
Hughes Mrs. Ivor Columbus OH impossible
Jackson Mrs. Mary Malvern AR impossible
Jewell Cora Best (Miss) Kansas City MO impossible
Katz Mrs. Esther Baltimore MD impossible
Lewis Sylvia Summit Co OH impossible
Malcolm Mrs. Charlotte Asheville NC impossible
Malcolm Susanna   NC impossible
Merck Mrs. Frederick   NJ impossible
Miller Mrs. Anna Laramie WY impossible
Miller Mrs. F. Ashland County OH impossible
Moresky Lana Cuyahoga Co OH impossible
Morey May H.   NY impossible
Morrow Dr. Luella   NJ impossible
Morton Mrs. Katharine A   WY impossible
Moss Helen Cuyahoga Co OH impossible
Nolan Annie   NY impossible
Paige Mrs. James   WY impossible
Phillips Mrs. Frank   TN impossible
Pratho Mrs. George   AR impossible
Reel Miss Estelle   WY impossible
Sanford Mrs. R. L. St. Louis MO impossible
Selden Grace   NJ impossible
Sherrill Mrs.   MT skip
Sullivan Miss   CA impossible
Topping Mrs.   MT SKIP
Tribe Deanna   OH impossible
Truax Miss Nettie Sundance WY impossible
Vorce Ethel R. Cleveland OH impossible
Wallace Mrs. J. C. Cincinnati OH impossible
Warren Catherine (Mrs. Howard)   NJ impossible
Wiart Mrs. Spencer   NJ impossible
Willits Mary   NJ impossible
Wood Mrs. Morna Sundance WY impossible
Worrall Lillian C.   CT impossible

The following NWP activists also eluded the efforts of our volunteers.

Brader Julia     impossible
Cassady Mrs. D.L. Sioux City IA impossible
Dodd Mary     impossible
English Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas F.)   MO impossible
Ginsberg Anna New York NY impossible
Hunt Rhoda New York NY impossible
Patterson Miss Mary   OH impossible
Walmsley Mrs. Bertha Kansas City MO impossible

If you would like to volunteer to track down and write a biographical sketch of any of these activists, please email editor, Tom Dublin at