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What Perspectives Did African American Advocates Bring to the Birth Control Movement and How Did Those Perspectives Shape the History of the Harlem Branch Birth Control Clinic?
What Was the Appeal of Moral Reform to Antebellum Northern Women, 1835-1841?
What Was the Relationship between Mary Church Terrell's International Experience and Her Work against Racism in the United States?
What Were the Origins of International Women's Day, 1886-1920?
Who Won the Debate over the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1920s?
Why and How Did a Small Group of Maverick Abortion Providers Called the November Gang Come to Challenge Prevailing Conventions of Abortion Provision and What Were Their Innovations?
Why Did African-American Women Join the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1880 to 1900?
Why Did Colorado Suffragists Fail to Win the Right to Vote in 1877, but Succeed in 1893?
Why Did Congressional Lobbying Efforts Fail to Eliminate Contraception from Obscenity Laws, 1916-1937?
Why Did Some Men Support the Women's Rights Movement in the 1850s, and How Did Their Ideas Compare to those of Women in the Movement?
Why Did the Iowa League of Women Voters Oppose the Equal Rights Amendment during the 1940s and 1950s?
Why Were Illinois Indian Women Attracted to Catholicism, 1665-1750?
Woman Suffrage in Colorado: Document-based question
Women and Freedmen's Aid after the Civil War: Document-based question