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How Did Women Shape the Presentation of Norwegian American Ethnicity at the 1925 Norse-American Centennial?
How Did Women's Antislavery Fiction Contribute to Debates about Gender, Slavery, and Abolition, 1828-1856?
How Did Women's Groups in the American Library Association Promote Activism around Women's Issues in Librarianship during the 1970s?
How Did Women's War Relief in the Spanish-American War Alter Traditions of Female Benevolence and Pave the Way for Women's Formal Military Service?
How Did Working-Class Feminists Meet the Challenges of Working across Differences? The National Congress of Neighborhood Women, 1974-2006
How do Contemporary Newspaper Accounts of the 1850 Worcester Woman's Rights Convention Enhance our Understanding of the Issues Debated at that Meeting?
How Have Recent Social Movements Shaped Civil Rights Legislation for Women? The 1994 Violence Against Women Act
Maud Wood Park Archive: The Power of Organization, Part One: Maud Wood Park and the Woman Suffrage Movement
Maud Wood Park Archive: The Power of Organization, Part Two: Maud Wood Park in a Nation of Women Voters
Motherhood and the Obligations of Citizenship during World War II: U.S. Debates over Conscripting Women Civilians
Native Women’s Challenges to Termination and Relocation Policy, 1944-1971
Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women's Organizations in the 1920s: How Was the Debate Shaped by the Expansion of the American Military?
Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women's Organizations of the 1920s: Document-based question
Part I: Militant Women Suffragists—National Woman’s Party
Part II: Black Women Suffragists
Part III: Mainstream Suffragists—National American Woman Suffrage Association
Political Women in the American Revolution: Document-based question
Progressive Reformers, the Russian Revolution, and the Politics of Friendship: American Women's Ties to Revolutionary Catherine Breshkovsky
Southern Women in the Anti-Lynching Campaign: Document-based question
The 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike: Document-based question
The 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike: Document-based question
The Ballot Box and the National Citizen and Ballot Box, 1876-1881: An Interpretation and Document Archive
The Ladder: A Lesbian Review, 1956-1972: An Interpretation and Document Archive
The National Woman's Party and Suffrage for African-American Women: Document-based question
The Nineteenth-Century Women's Dress Reform Movement: Document-based question