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How Did the Debate About Widows' Pensions Shape Relief Programs for Single Mothers, 1900-1940?
How Did the Debate between Margaret Sanger and Mary Ware Dennett Shape the Movement to Legalize Birth Control, 1915-1924?
How Did the First Jewish Women's Movement's Roots in Both Progressive Women's Activism and Jewish Tradition Shape its Activism, 1893-1936?
How Did the General Federation of Women's Clubs Shape Women's Involvement in the Conservation Movement, 1900-1930?
How Did the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and Chinese Garment Workers Unite to Organize the 1938 National Dollar Stores Strike?
How Did the Kindergarten Movement Provide Women with Opportunities for Professional Development and Social Activism in the United States and Internationally?
How Did the Ladies Association of Philadelphia Shape New Forms of Women's Activism during the American Revolution, 1780-1781?
How Did the League of Women Shoppers Use Their Privilege to Act in Solidarity with Workers, 1935-1948?
How did the Los Angeles Woman's Building Keep Feminism Alive, 1970-1991?
How Did the March on Washington Movement's Critique of American Democracy in the 1940s Awaken African American Women to the Problem of Jane Crow?
How Did the National Woman's Party Address the Issue of the Enfranchisement of Black Women, 1919-1924?
How Did the National Woman's Party Fund Its Activities, 1913-1940?
How Did the National Women's Conference in Houston in 1977 Shape a Feminist Agenda for the Future?
How Did the Perceived Threat of Socialism Shape the Relationship between Workers and their Allies in the New York City Shirtwaist Strike, 1909-1910?
How Did the Portland YWCA Enhance the Lives of Women, 1901-2000?
How Did the Reform Agenda of the Minnesota Woman's Christian Temperance Union Change, 1878-1917?
How Did the Removal of the Cherokee Nation from Georgia Shape Women's Activism in the North, 1817-1838?
How Did the Republican Party Respond to Suffragists' Entry into Electoral Politics in New York, 1919-1926?
How Did the Rival Temperance Conventions of 1853 Help Forge an Enduring Alliance between Prohibition and Woman's Rights?
How Did the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Work to Expand Women's Educational and Employment Opportunities, 1950-1977?
How Did the United Tailoresses Society Contribute a Working-Class Conceptualization of Equality to Early Women's Rights Activism?
How Did the Views of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois toward Woman Suffrage Change, 1900-1915?
How Did the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Campaign against Chemical Warfare, 1915-1930?
How Did Victoria Earle Matthews's Life Reflect the Sometimes Conflicting Attitudes of Black Self-Help and Black Political Activism?
How Did White Southern Churchwomen Use Their Race, Gender, and Faith in the Struggle for Civil Rights, 1945-1968?