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How Did Immigrant Textile Workers Struggle to Achieve an American Standard of Living? The 1912 Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts
How Did Iowa Coalitions Campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment in 1980 and 1992?
How Did Iowa Women Activists Lobby for the Passage of the Juvenile Court Law in 1904?
How Did Japanese Women Peace Activists Interact with European Women as they Negotiated between Nationalism and Transnational Peace Activism to Promote Peace, 1915-1935?
How Did Kate Richards O'Hare's Conviction and Incarceration for Sedition During World War I Change Her Activism?
How Did Leaders of the National Consumers' League and Their Lawyers Keep the Minimum Wage Alive from the Adkins Case to the Fair Labor Standards Act, 1923-1938?
How Did Living in an Outpost of Empire influence Perceptions of Women's Sexual, Marital, and Public Roles in Eighteenth-Century Colonial St. Louis?
How Did Local Antislavery Women Form National Networks in the Antebellum United States?
How Did Local Branches of the American Association of University Women Contribute to Their Communities, 1900-1940?
How Did Lucretia Mott Combine Her Commitments to Antislavery and Women's Rights, 1840-1860?
How Did Margaret Sanger's 1922 Tour of Japan Help Spread the Idea of Birth Control and Inspire the Formation of a Japanese Birth Control Movement?
How Did Mary Church Terrell Address Issues of Race at Oberlin College, 1911-1948?
How Did Mexican Working Women Assert Their Labor and Constitutional Rights in the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike?
How Did Northern White Women Participate in the Bleeding Kansas Conflict of the 1850s?
How Did Oberlin Women Students Draw on Their College Experience to Participate in Antebellum Social Movements, 1831-1861?
How Did Rank and File Women Construct the "New Negro Woman" within the Universal Negro Improvement Association in the 1920s?
How Did Sarah Bagley Contribute to the Ten-Hour Movement in Lowell and How Did Her Labor Activism Flow into Other Reform Movements, 1836-1870?
How Did Settlement Workers at Greenwich House Promote the Arts as Integral to a Shared Social Life?
How Did Shirley Chisholm, the First African American Woman Elected to the United States Congress, Advance an Inclusive Feminist Politics in the 1960s and 1970s?
How Did State Commissions on the Status of Women Overcome Historic Antagonisms between Equal Rights and Labor Feminists to Create a New Feminist Mainstream, 1963-1973?
How Did Suburban Development and Domesticity Shape Women's Activism in Queens, New York, 1945-1968?
How Did Suffragists Lobby to Obtain Congressional Approval of a Woman Suffrage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, 1917-1920?
How Did Susanna Rowson and Other Reformers Promote Higher Education as an Antidote to Women's Sexual Vulnerability, 1780-1820?
How Did Texas Women Win Partial Suffrage in a One-Party Southern State in 1918?
How Did the Canadian Women's Liberation Movement Emerge from the Sixties Student Movements? The Case of Simon Fraser University